Lets do this


After a lot of contemplation, sleepless nights, heartache, stress and who knows what else. I have decided to write about my story. I know at times there are risks associated with putting your personal life out there, but quite frankly, I feel that the benefits far outweigh the risks in this situation. I need to heal! Many people have a hard time understanding others that are going through the grieving process. It’s a difficult thing to go through and much more difficult to understand what’s happening to you, while you go through it. I would like to help others understand how to help their grieving friends/family get through it. Better yet, I’d like to help others like me, heal as well. In a situation like mine, where I miscarried at 5 months pregnant, the misunderstanding is that people grieve quickly and then are able to move on quickly. I recently have learned for myself so much about the grieving process and I will touch on that more later. But please know, it is not quick. Most often the most difficult times of the grieving process, even with miscarriages, happen 5-6 months after the event. This is usually when all the people around you have moved on and expect that you have too. This is the time, where it is the most difficult. Please know I am simply doing this to help. I know everyone copes in different ways. One of the ways I have learned to try to cope is by taking pictures of my everyday point of view. I have learned how special life is and how quickly it can be taken from you. Through taking pictures of what I see, it has helped me to see what I have to be grateful for and quite frankly, I just don’t want to miss a thing. If you are interested in seeing those pictures, they are on the sidebar, under Through My Lens.  I hope that through doing this, I can at least help one person out there get through something tough they are going through.


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