A dAy To ReMeMbEr!

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do to celebrate the day that Lennon would have come to us alive. I wanted it to be a day to remember. Something that my boys would want to do year after year to celebrate her. I decided I wanted to wake up before the sunrise, and be dressed up in our Easter best. I wanted to have a breakfast picnic and watch the sunrise, then release some balloons to greet her in heaven. I wasn’t sure where we would do it, but I wanted to do it. Andy mentioned doing it at the garden where her ashes were spread. We had never been there before and so I wasn’t sure it would be a good spot, but I thought that was a great idea. It worked out perfectly. Last minute I realized that we should probably have someone take pictures for us. I was able to get ahold of a photographer friend and I am so grateful I did! She captured this day beautifully! It was definitely a day to remember! Philipp-4 Philipp-5 Philipp-10 Philipp-14 (2) Philipp-15Philipp-18Philipp-43Philipp-37Philipp-32Philipp-33Philipp-25-1Philipp-49-2-1Philipp-19-1Philipp-53-2Philipp-48-2-1Philipp-64Philipp-104Philipp-88-2Philipp-147Philipp-144-2Philipp-146-2Philipp-99Philipp-158Philipp-161Philipp-163-2Philipp-166Philipp-170Philipp-183-1Philipp-208Philipp-209Philipp-216Philipp-180Philipp-60


One thought on “A dAy To ReMeMbEr!

  1. Karin April 3, 2015 / 5:29 pm

    You have such a beautiful family, and I don’t just mean you are darling which you all are, but you guys are so special. What a beautiful capture of your tender day. I am sitting in the NICU rocking my new Ava knowing it is your due date with tears welling up. My heart is with you and you have given me so much strength and hope. Please know you are not forgotten and I think about you often. I pray for your comfort and peace. 💙💙💗


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