Recently, we decided to make a surprise trip to Utah. It’s always way more fun to go somewhere when it is a surprise. Andy’s family unfortunately found out cuz Nixon leaked it to them, but my family had no idea. The boys were super excited to surprise my family. The boys and I caught an early flight on a Tuesday and got in to SLC early around 10:30. IMG_5230 IMG_5232 IMG_5244 IMG_5245 The flight was actually beautiful. The sun was shining through the window and the boys were super good. Towards the end of the flight, there was some awful turbulence that the pilot warned us would occur. I always get super anxious when turbulence happens, but a sweet stewardess leaned over just before it began, gave me a bag of m&m’s and said “here, you might need these.” I was grateful to her because the boys could have been terrified with how bad the turbulence was…instead, they were eating m&m’s and giggling as if they were on a rollercoaster. It really lightened the mood. Even for others around us who were anxious. We got to the airport and Andy’s sister picked us up, we went to lunch together and chatted for a bit. After that we went and picked up the car we would be using and were on our way to begin the surprises. We stopped at my parents house first. I was really nervous that they weren’t going to be home. We first checked for their car and found it was there. The boys were SUPER giddy and couldn’t wait to see their faces. I had to of course take video of their reactions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWjgsPSKPFQ I wish I would have kept it recording longer my dad was in the back room. We sat down and played with them for a while, later we were able to surprise my brother. I was driving my in laws car, and had my mom sit in the drivers seat while we hid in the back. She had to pick up my brother from work and told him that her car had broke down and so she was using someone else’s. His reaction was great! He was so confused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWzdvTMkeEQ We made one more surprise after that to my sister, but she unfortunately saw us before we could really surprise her. While in Utah, we helped my parents pick out a new car.  While at the car dealership, my docs office called. I had been waiting on some info from them for a while. A few weeks before, I received an ultrasound on my uterus. I had been super irregular and was having pain. When they called, they told me they had found a polyp in my uterus and would need to perform a D&C to get it out. Blah! I asked if it was anything of concern, and the nurse said most likely not but that they would have to do some tests to make sure. I set up my appointment, finished my call and headed back in.20150424_162823 The boys loved looking at the cars and helping Grammy and Papa find a new one. We also saw a ton of crazy weather while we were there. Dust storms, snow and a lot of cold rain. IMG_5263 I honestly was shocked. I guess we brought bad weather with us.  But we still had fun.IMG_6480 (1) We got to go to a trampoline park and do more surprises. many of the cousins didn’t know we were coming. We got to celebrate my brother’s birthday ( ate at red Lobster, went shopping, and ate Clark’s donut’s)

Saying hello to the Lobster's
Saying hello to the Lobster’s
Saying goodbye to the
Saying goodbye to the “Spiders” Watson was a little confused at what exactly the lobster’s were
Shopped till we dropped
Shopped till we dropped

IMG_5276 IMG_5275

On Saturday morning we got to go to many soccer games and had fun watching our cousins play soccer.


that evening we went out to Los Hermanos with my side of the family. My Dad decided to surprise everyone with GIGANTIC churros!!! UMMMM…. my weakness, I couldn’t resist!

IMG_6479 IMG_5302 IMG_5292 IMG_5299 IMG_5296

Yep! All gone!
Yep! All gone!

Apparently Nixon couldn’t either. The darn thing was the size of him and he ate the WHOLE thing after he had just ate a LARGE meal. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when he woke up in the middle of the night SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER! He said his stomach was hurting him SOOOOO BAD!  But then after a warm bath and a little trip to drop the kids off at the pool ( if you know what I mean) he was happy as a clam. After Los Hermanos we went back and played doggy with Grammy.


HA HA HA! Grammy Doggy!
HA HA HA! Grammy Doggy! She’s gonna kill me!


On Sunday we attended church with my parents. They teach the kids that are Nixon’s age and we thought it would be fun for he and Watson to go to their class. Nixon got chosen in primary to hold up sign for one of the songs.


It was fun to see him participate and also learn from my parents. After church we went back and ate lunch at my parents. Nixon and my sister Liz had a few arm wrestles.

IMG_5333 IMG_5331

Later that evening we ate dinner with the Philipp’s and celebrated my bro in laws birthday and had a lot of fun with everyone! That night Watson broke out in a rash all down his legs. He had been on amoxicillin for 9 days, we later found out he is allergic to cillin’s and no longer can be put on them.


On Monday for FHE we got the opportunity to go to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. I LOVE TULIPS! They are for sure some of my favorite flowers! The festival was amazing! Such a beautiful place! While there, we stopped at some bounce houses where I saw a little boy throwing up on the lawn next to the bounce house. He was throwing up next to his mom. When he was finished, she gave him a sip of coke, and then he preceded to run back into the bounce house, while his mom sat and watched him. WHA???? I was shocked! I of course had no idea what the situation was, maybe he wasn’t sick. But, all of the cousins and my kids were in that bounce house jumping with him. I am PARANOID about the pukes on vacation because well……somehow they ALWAYS happen! They start with someone and move through EVERYONE! So, I ran to that bounce house as fast as I could and started grabbing whoever I could… as if that bounce house was on fire! Well.. it kinda was in my opinion. 😉 After that fiasco, we enjoyed some crafts and I enjoyed watching Watson with his  Uncle??? I’m not sure what you consider the brother of your Nana to be. Andy’s uncle had shown up for a surprise at Andy’s parents house. We were there at the time and when he came in, he and Watson became fast friends. They were inseperable for the one day they were together. It was adorable!


seriously so beautiful
seriously so beautiful

IMG_5440 IMG_5356 IMG_5377 IMG_5375 IMG_5371

racing down the hills at Thanksgiving point
racing down the hills at Thanksgiving point

IMG_5342 IMG_5396

Uncle Gerald and Mr. W! Two peas in a pod
Uncle Gerald and Mr. W! Two peas in a pod

We had lot’s of fun adventures planned for the remainder of the week, including dad coming to join in on the fun. Tuesday we got to play at a fun park and eat my favorite sandwiches ZUBS, afterwards, we went to my sisters house for a bit and the boys played with their cousins and of course their favorite dog..Oscar. W is terrified of him, but can’t get enough of him at the same time. The leash solved his fear for some reason.


That night we went and ate at my sister in laws house. Somehow I missed out on taking pics while there. But it was yummy and we had a lot of fun. On Wednesday we had plans to go and see some baby chicks at my Mother in law’s school, but unfortunately those fun adventures didn’t get to occur because the puking kid from the tulip festival finally caught up to us.( or maybe just some random bug) We got the pukes. They started with Andy’s mom and our niece and then went through many of us. Little W unfortunately got a few illnesses at one time his started with   the rash, and then a few days later, he got a super high fever of 103.5. He looked awful. I took him to the urgent care and they thought it was croup. That afternoon Andy got in and surprised the boys… well Nixon. Watts was too sick to react. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to8fp4_N3_M

IMG_5430 Two days later, the pukes caught up to me and later that evening when Watson still had a super high fever, we took him back to the doc and while there he started puking. They ruled out croup and said he had tonsillitis along with a stomach bug…. SERIOUSLY? WHY DO THE PUKES ALWAYS HAPPEN ON VACATION???


So we had two days left. Poor Andy got there at the worst time. He spent one full day dealing with a sick kid and wife. Luckily the day before we left, we felt good enough to have a few more dinners with family and enjoy a little time up in the mountains. Living in a place that is extremely flat really makes you appreciate the mountains. I feel like we could hike with the boys all day long. We love it!

IMG_5615 IMG_6971 IMG_5611 Over all, we had a really great trip. Until next time Utah.


One thought on “Utah

  1. Sarah Ostler June 18, 2015 / 9:01 pm

    Somehow out of the blue this just popped up and I had so much fun laughing down memory lane…except for the puke part and the challenging phone call. What a fun and glorious surprise though to cherish forever. I love you all♡


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