Thoughts on Mother’s Day

I am clearly behind on my posts and have attempted writing about Mother’s Day twice. Both times I lost the whole post while inserting the photos. So lets try this again.

Mother’s Day is probably in my eyes the closest holiday to my heart. It has so much meaning to me. It’s a day that I get to think about my own mother, mother in law, grandmothers, and all other amazing mothers in my life. I feel like becoming a mother myself has helped me to appreciate them so much more. Mother’s Day is not only a day to recognize them, but also a day for me to be recognized. I’m grateful for that and quite honestly; I believe it’s needed from Mom’s everywhere. I feel for me, becoming a Mother has been both rewarding and intimidating at the same time. There are no manuals, guidelines, rules etc. There are no teachers looking over my shoulder, grading me on how well I am doing. I have no idea if what I am doing is right or wrong. Quite frankly I feel that learning to be a Mother, is simply trial and error and that for me can be scary. I don’t like making mistakes. I like having structure and rules to help direct me. I like having grades to help me gauge how well I am doing and quite honestly I really like affirmations or someone telling me that I am doing a great job. Mother’s Day is a day for us to get those affirmations. Let’s be real, kids, teens and even some adults are pretty great at taking advantage of their mother’s. Growing up, I feel like a lot of things my mom did for me went unnoticed (not on purpose) but we’re just not that aware sometimes of how much they truly do for us. I remember being sick when I was little and my mom coming into my room in the middle of the night with a glass of ice cold coke. She would help me sip it from a spoon so it wouldn’t upset my stomach more. Now being a mom, I know exactly how tired she was as she helped her sick child, I know how worried she was about me and I know I most likely never said Thanks mom for waking up and taking care of me, but she never stopped taking care of me. When I was 5 my little brother who was 1 was diagnosed with cancer. Thinking about that now as a mother, haunts me! I cannot imagine how my mom felt. She must have been terrified that she was gonna lose him. She was also diagnosed with cancer at the same time. But, I don’t recall her even skipping a beat. She still took care of him and together her and my dad took care of all of us. It’s what mom’s do. They love their children so much that they always put them first. I’m grateful that we have such a special day to think about the amazing women out there that have sacrificed so much and quite possibly never have gotten the thank you’s that they deserve.

I know Mother’s Day is not always easy for everyone. I know at times it is painful. There are people out there grieving their Mother’s, grieving the loss of the baby that made them become a mother, feeling down about their Mother’s that were not really there for them, or those amongst us that are on their knees daily begging the Lord to become a Mother. I know for them it’s painful and I only pray that they find the peace and comfort that they need. I also pray that they are able to find joy in this day and try and celebrate the lives of their mother’s or other mother’s that had an impact on them in their lives.

Here’s to Mother’s everywhere out there, you’re doing amazing, the things you do every day really do have an impact on others. You are special, Thank You!


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