Preschool Graduation

I have so much to catch up on. I feel like I will be posting for days.  For the past two years, Nixon attended an amazing preschool called Grace Sprouts. Watson joined him this past year one day a week. We truly enjoyed being apart of Grace Sprouts and will miss them deeply. Both of our boys have summer birthdays. Because of that, we are faced with the hard decision of do we put them in Kindergarten at age 5 or do we at age 6? Both Andy and I thought long and hard about what we want for our boys. Our boys are very different. They love to learn in different ways. Nixon is our boy that loves to memorize. He loves flashcards, math, learning to read etc.  Watson is super hands on and loves to do everything on his own. He won’t let me do anything for him. With that being said, we have faced the decision this year of do we put Nix in Kindergarten or do we wait and allow him to be the oldest? He has attended two years of preschool and truly is prepared for Kindergarten, but we were  both the youngest in school and have wanted to have our children be the oldest. With that being said, Nixon graduated from his preschool, but we are choosing to do somewhat of a “private kindergarten” at a church here in Texas. Watson will be attending that same school with him.  Going there, gives us more time to decided on whether or not we will put Nix in 1st grade next year or just have him do public Kindergarten next year. I guess we will see. All that aside, his preschool graduation was absolutely darling! I couldn’t help but get teary. It made me feel like he was growing up way too fast. Please just stay little!! At one point in the ceremony, the teachers asked the kids individually what they wanted to be when they grew up. I wasn’t sure what Nix would say. I have never asked him that question. His reply was too funny. . The preschool put together a darling program. They had songs, little performances and a slide show. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

IMG_6205 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6215 IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6223

The school's director
The school’s director
Nixon's teacher
Nixon’s teacher

When the ceremony was done, we looked around at some things they had made for each child and ate some cupcakes.

IMG_6224 Afterwards we went home and had a dance party, cuz that’s what we do best at our house.


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