Pirates Teeth

So, I think I may have waited a little too long before I took Nixon to the dentist for the first time. I’ve not had much experience with the dentist considering while growing up we went like every four years. We had good teeth and still to this day I have only had one cavity. I have tried to take care of the boys teeth. Would even do my own cleaning on them (with a pick) every so often, but unfortunately there are times when genetics want to kick in. (Andy’s side 😊)We took him to the dentist because I saw a large hole in one of his bottom molars. I knew it had to be a cavity. While there we found out he had two cavities basically in the same spot and then two more on two other teeth. I was so shocked! With that being said we were told because the cavities were so bad, he would need to have two crowns put in! Uuggh! For some reason that really made me sad! I couldn’t imagine his mouth looking different. Even though the poor kid has done much damage to his teeth already. ( He bruised his two front teeth falling face down on the sidewalk. I thought the teeth died because they turned brown two weeks later, but oddly their white color returned after a few months) Not to mention the trauma he’d have to go through. Nixon is my kid that is TERRIFIED of the doctor. I was extremely nervous to have to go through such a process. Well, the assured me all would go well and set up his apts. TWO! He was going to have to do it twice! They said it was too much work to get done all at once. I’m sure it also helped that they got double the amount of money from us doing it that way as well ( but that is another subject for another day).

The day finally arrived after much anxiety on my end and the boy did great! They gave him an antihistamine to make him relax, he watched a movie while waiting for it to kick in, then he watched a movie through the whole process as well. He barely even realized what happened to him. When he was done, he was a little bit drowsy, but did just fine the rest of the day.

image image image image image image

I wish I could say the same for the second time around. The second time around was a bit rough. They gave him a larger dose of the antihistamine because the first time he was moving his hands a little too much for their liking. That extra dose made so much difference in a bad way. He was so drowsy when it was all over that he was barely coherent. He was screaming and crying the whole way home in the car and couldn’t understand what I meant when I said NO WALKING ALONE, I NEED TO HELP YOU WALK. He kept trying to walk and falling over and running into things. I am certainly glad it is over! I hope this never has to happen again. On the up side, Nix thinks he has some pretty amazing pirates teeth and Watson asked him for days/weeks if he could see he cool silver teeth. Every time he saw them, he would be in aww of how amazing they were.

image image image image Well, here’s to trying to beat genetics!! Shiver Me timbers! Yo ho ho ho, a pirates life for me.


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