4th of July

Both Andy and I absolutely love the fourth of July! It has always been a great day to spend with our families. Since we have lived in Texas, we have made it back to Utah a couple of times, but not much. The main things that I have missed from the fourth of July in Utah is, the Hot air balloon festival they have early in the morning in Provo and the big parade they have in Provo. I have always been so sad that we have never been able to go to a parade with our kids on the fourth in Texas… Until this year! My friend told me about a parade they have close to our area and I was so excited to go! Friday night before the 4th, I had to get things kicked off with some glowing balloons that “magically appeared” in one of our rooms. The boys loved them and played with them for a while, then of course had to sit in the hot tub before bed. It’s a nice relaxer. The next morning we woke up, got ready and headed straight to the parade.
   The next morning we woke up, got ready and headed straight to the parade. Of course it was already steaming hot in the morning, so we went from sitting in the back of the truck in the nasty heat to a perfect little spot in the shade. It was a perfect spot because nobody else was near us, so we got EVERY little handout possible. Necklaces, bracelets, candy, water, stickers etc. It was perfect!
   Of course as always, everything is a little loud for these little ears.
   After the parade, we headed back to our house to have a BBQ with many of our friends that don’t have family nearby. It was sooo yummy!

IMG_7897 After the BBQ we headed out to the lake. Last year we went with some friends on their boat and thought it was the most AMAZING thing ever to celebrate the 4th on the lake. We were directly under the fireworks and it was dreamy! We talked up the lake so much, that our friends wanted in on it this year. Well after all our talk, we happened to be on the wrong side of the lake to watch the fireworks and well, when you’re not directly under them, it’s just not as dreamy. None the less we had a lot of fun! Hopefully next year it’ll work out better.

  This was the only picture I got of the fireworks. Taking pictures of fireworks is the worst! I stink at it!


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