Andy’s Birthday 2015

As I said in my last post, Andy’s brother’s family was here during Andy’s birthday. We loved it! We hired a babysitter to watch all of the kids and their daughters helped out with that as well. I had a few things planned out for his birthday, which included country dancing at Billy Bob’s. But Andy vetoed that. Ha! He really wanted to go to this place called Top Golf. With working in the business field, he has gotten a lot more into golf. It however is far from my thing. But, it was HIS birthday, so we went. We first went and ate dinner at a fancy steak house and then went to Top Golf. Everyone had a good time. The golfing part, I can’t say was my favorite. But there was some dancing going on there, and I loved that part. ha! It was fun to have family here that we could go and enjoy a night out with. We were sure glad they came.


Top Golf for Andy’s birthday



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