Grand Lake Colorado

Grand Lake Colorado is easily one of my most favorite trips. It is beautiful there! Back in January 2015, the Ostler’s started discussing our family trip. We decided on Colorado because I have a sister that lived there and we thought it would be an easy meeting ground for the Texans and the Utahn’s. At that point I quite literally had no idea it would be such a majestically beautiful place. Ironically the sister who lived in Colorado, ended up moving right around the time we went and wasn’t able to make the trip. That was the biggest bummer of the trip. We really missed her family!

That aside, if you are ever debating on taking a trip to Grand lake, well, I hope this post helps you make a decision. We started off our trip on an airplane. Our trip there was a bit long since we were coming from Texas and Grand Lake is still about 2 1/2 hrs from the airport. We didn’t get into Denver until late, which made our drive there dark. So unfortunately we missed all the beauty on the way there, but luckily we were able to catch it on our way back to the airport. We arrived at our cabin around midnight and were exhausted. So we of course went right to sleep.

Typical Airplane Selfies



The Sweetest! He was so considerate of sweet Teddy and wanted to make sure he saw the same view he was seeing.


August 12th, 2015

We woke up to the majestical view that left me speechless. It was so peaceful. No noise, no smog, no people, just nature and its crisp clean air. Coming from Texas where the scenery is not its strongest point, this was nothing but amazing to our family. The kids got right to their outdoor playing. Fishing, finding bugs and picking flowers… I seriously felt like I was in heaven… again, living in Texas has made us deeply miss the mountains.


Before going there, we made some plans for each day that we were there so we wouldn’t waist valuable time on making decisions. After exploring around the cabin that morning, we went on our first hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park. This hike was called Adams Falls. It was a good hike for people of all ages and there was so much to look at. Water falls, greenery, animals etc. We all loved it.

Of course while on our hike, we had to take some of my favorite pics! JUMPING PICS!


Since little man was only recently potty trained, he got real used to using his skills outdoors. We had a couple accidents, but all was easy clean up! He did awesome!

img_4005After the hike, we headed back to Grand Lake and ate at a cute lil sandwich shop. It was probably my favorite meal there. While there, we found this huge chair. Of course we had to take a pic sitting in it.


After lunch we headed back to the cabin to get ready for the day. Later that evening went back downtown to eat at a Mexican restaurant that was there… definitely wasn’t any of our favorites. But it fed us. Afterwards we walked around and just took in the beauty.img_4020img_4021img_4016img_9176img_8925img_9178img_9179

August 13th, 2015

This day was my niece Lauren’s birthday. That girl loves everything animal, so what we thought would be fun for her, was to surprise her with horseback riding in Estes Park. We woke up early that morning and drove about an hour and a half to get there. She was super excited when she saw what we were doing. Everyone enjoyed riding, even the boys for the most part!

They all looked darling and definitely looked the part
My first time riding a horse and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Watson loved it too and almost fell asleep.
Nix didn’t seem to enjoy the ride as much. It was a bit long for this energetic boy


Mom was in the process of getting back therapy, so she wasn’t able to come on the ride, but she enjoyed watching and taking pics


Afterward we went downtown to eat. I can’t remember what town we were in, but it was adorable! Lauren was dying to have a donut for her birthday and we looked all over town and all of the shops were closed. Luckily this grocery store had just what she needed.

an answer to Lauren’s birthday wishes

On our way back through Rocky Mountain National Park, we saw some crazy weather. First it was raining, but then the higher we got, it began to hail. When the hail stopped, we pulled over to look at some views and to also check out the hail.


img_8959img_8960We got back in our car to continue our journey back when we came across a place called Huffer’s Hill. Huffer’s Hill is 12,000 feet above sea level. It had stairs that led up to it and didn’t look like it would take long to make the journey. So Andy and I jumped out of our car to make the climb. Before we started the climb we decided we were going to run up the stairs and see how far we could run. Well… I literally lasted like 6 stairs and Andy was about 10. I felt like my heart was going to EXPLODE!! We are far from used to any heights of any kind and haven’t lived around Mountains for 6 years. So I guess we forgot how thin the air gets. As soon as we were able to catch our breath a little, we read the sign that explained why it was called Huffer’s Hill and why you can’t breath up there. Ha! Joke was on us. But we made it to the top.

That evening after going back and getting ready we went back to Grand Lake to grab some pizza which we brought back to the house. After that we celebrated Lauren’s birthday with some yummy pie and of course some manly mustache’s.

August 14th, 2015

We went back out to do some fishing first thing in the morning because of course at this point, Nixon was addicted. But let’s get real, no fish had yet to be caught. We stayed around the cabin all day and explored. That evening it was raining really bad, so we went to a little hole in the wall to eat and then headed back to play Uno. I think that may have been one of my favorite parts of the trip! I LOVE staying up late playing a good game of Uno with my family and my hilarious niece and nephew. It was a joy.


Watson fell in the cold water after being warned many times not to play on the rocks. Ha!
clearly he got over it quickly…back on the rocks


Can’t have a trip without any of these moments right? Ha Ha!


August 15th, 2015

We went on our second hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. The hike was another simple hike for the whole family to enjoy. This one was called Lake Irene. It was even more simple than the first one and was actually a pretty quick hike, so it was fun to just hang around and enjoy the view.


who’s walking stick is better? Ha!


Andy had to get in his jumping pic


We went back to the cabin afterwards and an treasure hunt was all set up for the kids. They of course thought this was pretty magical.


They all found pop rocks for some of their treasure and had a pop rock eating party


That evening we had reservations set up to have dinner at the Grand Lake Lodge. My mom didn’t know it, but we had a surprise for her since her 70th birthday was in just a few days. We had a book made up for her of letters from all of the people closest to her. It was a very touching moment to watch her read something that was so meaningful to her. It was also full of some pretty hilarious memories along with sweet heartfelt memories. We were all over with our emotions as we listened to her read her memories. It was very touching.


After dinner we went and got ice cream since my mom is a lover of ice cream!


August 16th, 2015

Sadly this was the day we had to say goodbye. We left early in the morning so we could drive about 3 hrs to the airport and catch our flight. Unfortunately all the winding made Mr. Watson sick and he threw up. But Hey I’ll take it! We sure loved our stay and will definitely be back. Until next time Grand Lake!


















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