Watts goes on the Pot

With just a few weeks before school started, I knew I only had a small window of time to get Watson potty trained. He was going to be in school two days a week and well I wanted him trained before that. It was going to be tricky since we had a trip planned to Grand Lake Colorado just a week later, but I had so much faith in him. He is definitely my independent boy. He loves to learn things on his own. I also have much belief in waiting till you are 3 or almost 3 to train. He would be 3 at the end of the month, so, I thought we would try it. We trained him the same way we trained Nixon. We had a chart with stickers for going pee and a chart with stickers and a treat for going poop. If he went potty in the toilet for one week straight he would be able to pick out a prize. This worked well with Nixon so I had hope it would do the same for Watson.

I start out the first three days completely naked with a potty in the middle of the living room. Watch a WHOLE lot of tv and just practice going potty all day. The first day was awesome, the second day was awesome again! The third day we added underwear cuz he really wanted them. He had a couple #1 accidents but was always devastated when he would pee on his truck or tractor on his underwear, so the accidents didn’t last long. He did awesome! It took three days, and he pretty much had it down. I was pretty proud of him. A week later we went on our trip to Colorado. It was a little interesting. But I’d have to say, for being just potty trained, HE WAS AMAZING! I was one proud mama!



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