On August 31st my little Watson turned 3. This little man is OBSESSED with vehicles. He has been since he was a little babe. Because of his obsession, I found it very fitting to give him a vehicle filled day. He started out with coming down the stairs to see this.

He opened his presents, which much of them were some sort of vehicle.

Besides this one. Not only does he love vehicles, he also loves music.

Of course after all the excitement. He puked a little. Poor kid gets an upset stomach if there is mucous on it. So he typically needs to eat first thing in the morning. Could have been all the excitement as well. He got over the belly ache real quick and we headed to his favorite… Krispy Kreme. My kids LOVE donuts! (probably why I craved them so much while pregnant)


One of his favorite parts of Krispy Kreme is the train outside.


After that I took him shopping and then we went to meet Dad for lunch at this fun little spot. It’s called the Blue Hangar Café. People park their little planes here, eat and then go. The food is GREASY but he enjoyed the planes.



Later we made little cake trucks and then decorated them.


Then, we ate them!


Happy Birthday my big three year old! Sure Love you!


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