B.O.A.T ( Bring On Another Thousand)

On August 27th, Mark and Colleen, Andy’s parents came out to make a quick trip to test out the boat before the boat closed up shop.  We invited some of our friends and decided to take off after work on the 28th. The interesting night began when we went to pick up our boat. We have our boat stored in what I would call a boat GARAGE. It’s in a locked up, gated storage unit. The garage itself it completely closed in. With that being said, I guess we never thought of the possibility of critters destroying our boat. So, we went to get it out of the garage and noticed right away, there were pieces of seat all over the place. We got to our seat and saw this… Our First $1,000, we would have to drop.


Of course we were upset, but the damage was already done. So, we continued on. Then we got to the lake. As I posted in past posts, we had a ton of rain that summer. The lakes were all extremely high and because of that, there were not many loading areas available. Most were completely covered in water. So, we had one loading area to chose from. That loading area in particular, happened to have a tree right smack dab in the middle of it. Tricky right? So we dropped the boat in the water, Andy’s dad drove the car back up the hill and we tried to pull over to the dock to wait for him. (The dock that was right next to the evil tree). For some odd reason, there were ropes also tied to that evil tree and when we went to pull up to that dock, the ropes were in the way, along with a wave runner that was tied to the side of the dock.  Because we were backing into the dock, Andy couldn’t see everything, so, my friend who is in the middle of nursing her baby, jumps up to make sure the boat doesn’t hit anything. Meanwhile his dad jumps in the boat safely. Then my friend goes to get back into the boat since she was on the very back and the ropes almost close line her, while she’s NURSING (covered may I add). Then the tree catches on our boat rack and almost takes out her daughter. Well, we finally got away from the evil tree and two seconds later get pulled over by the “Lake police” to be told that the nursing baby needs a lifejacket. (How’d he even see her?? She was completely COVERED) Creeper. 😉 We finally got on our way! The water was a bit choppy and the wind was blowing, but we had fun ( besides the time where my friend and I almost drowned  while falling off of the tube) but that’s another story. The sunset was beautiful, however and we were able to see fireworks that night.

After the fireworks were over, we obviously had to go back to the loading area to get the boat back on the trailer. We pulled in and dropped Andy’s dad off for him to go pick up the trailer. We slowly drove around while waiting for him and then he started coming down the hill for us to pull on to the trailer. Andy got the boat ready to put it on, but when the trailer got in the water, it was a bit crooked. At that point, Andy yelled to his dad to straighten it out. His dad did, but we were too close to the trailer at that point. Andy tried to back up the boat and our rack that was left out with our surf board on it, smacked into the evil tree. It bent our rack ( $1,000), scraped the bottom of our boat, ( $1,000), and completely destroyed our surf board ( $500.00). We finally got the boat in the right position, with some help and our friend in the process lost a shoe ( $10.00).

 What we learned, put in your boat rack before loading your boat, take out the boards and put them away as well, put mouse bait all over where your boat is being stored, and never go to a lake that has a tree in the middle of the loading ramp. And last but not least the word BOAT stands for Bring On Another Thousand.

P.s. those same sweet friends bought us a new surf board. They are the best!


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