School Starts, Aug 2015

SOOOOO, school is nearing the end and I am just getting up the post about school starting! I AM SO FAR BEHIND!! Oh well! This year was a bit of a change for us. I have had the boys going to a small church preschool for the past couple of years and we LOVED it there. However, we have the special privilege of having SUMMMER BABIES! Ugh! Both of our boys were born near the end of summer. Watson the day before the deadline. Because of that, we have thought long and hard about what we want to do we our kiddos. Both Andy and I are also summer babies and both were put in school on time. Neither of us enjoyed being the youngest. So, after talking to many people and teachers, we decided to put them in a new preschool ( also in a church), but this one in particular included kindergarten. However, the hours are shorter than public schools since we have full day kindergarten here ( 8-3), they have two teachers, smaller classes, and they only go to school for three hours on Friday. I figured doing this would still challenge Nixon, but then going to ACTUAL kindergarten next year, would still be a different experience. Every teacher I have talked to about this has said nobody ever regrets holding their kids back. So, although Nixon LOVES learning and is exactly where he needed to be to go to kindergarten, we still chose this route.  So, he has been going to school every day. But I still get him more often, for one more year until the long hours kick in. 😦 Nixon started the day before Watson (who goes two days a week) and surprisingly was really nervous. I was shocked! Nix is my social butterfly. He makes friends with people in his mind before those people even know they are friends.

A few days before school, Nixon was able to meet his teachers. He seemed extremely excited. So, I thought he was. He was all smiles and giggles up to the point of where I had to say goodbye. I took him in his classroom, he found his chair and name, sat down, I took the picture and said “I love you buddy, see you after school” He then looked at me in terror and said “Please don’t go. I’m really nervous!” I just couldn’t believe it! I did my best to console him and HAD to leave. I got in the car and couldn’t help but feel awful! It’s never fun to leave your children when you know they are afraid. BUT, it just took him one day. The next day he was walking in the classroom and not looking back.


Mr. Watson tends to be my shy guy out of the two. Last year he went to school one day a week and basically pretended he was asleep on my shoulder every time I would hand him to his teacher. He was trying to “get out of going to school”. Then when I would walk away, he would cry. It only lasted a minute, but that happened all the way till close to the end of the school year. He however LOVED school and thoroughly enjoyed it once he got over the separation anxiety. With that being said, I was nervous for him. He also met his teachers a few days before and also seemed very excited, so I was hopeful.



We got to the school, he seemed a little nervous, but then saw his buddy Bridger and that helped his nerves a lot. He also knew Nixon would be in the classroom right next to his, which also helped.


I took him in his room, found his name, sat him down, took pictures and said goodbye. He was TOTALLY fine! I was shocked! They both did opposite of what I expected. It was crazy! Since that day however, he has his fears. He doesn’t always want to go to school. But once he is in the classroom, he loves it. I’m proud of my brave boys.


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