Crewe Super Car Event

On September 9, 2015 we had the opportunity to fly out to Utah for a quick weekend trip. We were going out there for a charity event that was put on by Crewe Capital which is an investment banking group that we work with. . It was a black tie dinner event fundraiser. It also gave those who have amazingly nice cars, the opportunity to drive a bit fast on the track at Miller Motor Sports park. (We were not amongst those with nice cars, ha!) Dinner proceeds went to “Education, to help motivate Utah elementary and high school students to advance academically by working with schools to reward educational accomplishments” _ Andy was able to test out some cars on the track the day after the dinner and had a ball. While we were there, we were able to spend some time with all of our family. Including my sister Deborah and her family. We hadn’t seen them in a while, so that was a treat.


My side of the plane
Andy’s side of the plane…ha!
The dinner was at a huge mansion in SLC. Notice all the amazing cars.


In the library at the mansion


Some of Andy’s dear friends from high school are a part of Crewe Capital, so we were lucky to spend time with them that night.
The entrance


So dinner wasn’t exactly the best part of the night, so we stopped at good o’l Sconecutter afterward. We were a little out of place in our attire. Ha!



Andy’s visit to the race track




BYU game with the Philipp’s

Park with cousins



Was a quick trip and we didn’t get pics of all we did, but we had a good time.


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