Mom to the Rescue

Waiting for those results was pretty painful. I was grateful my mom was there to keep me company! I am the type of person that cannot stay put. I like adventure and to get out and play. Having my mom there just gave me more reason to try and pretend like all was well and spend some needed mother/daughter time together. She helped me take the boys to school, came and saw Nixon’s class, came with me to soccer practices, helped with dishes, meals etc. We had LOTS and LOTS of talks, went and got massages, went out to lunch, went halloween shopping, looked up Halloweeen ideas online, she watched my boys while I went out and allowed me to go on a field trip with Nixon while she stayed with Watson. On the weekends we played with Andy. I enjoyed that time with my mom.





I was so grateful for her listening ear. At this point, I had been going through this for four months and felt really lonely. I knew people were sick of hearing about my problems and I felt like nobody wanted to be around me. My mom helped me to see that I covered things up well. She said if I didn’t know you felt so unwell, I would never know. You still try and play with your kids, take them to do fun things, go shopping and enjoy yourself. You would never know the amount of pain you are having and the fear you are facing. She helped me to release a lot of pain I didn’t even realize I had. It had been a really tough year for me. Losing a baby, having other personal problems, and now my health was failing me. I didn’t realize how much my body was having to deal with. But she helped me to see that. She also gave me advice on how to handle my doctor visits and get the answers I needed. She gave me hope that I was gonna get through this. She helped me to see all points of view and it was really good for me!

Living away from home can be difficult at times. Especially when you have a husband who is really busy and very needed. Sometimes life can get lonely when you are a stay at home mom and you aren’t necessarily needed to help out in the “real world”. I needed my mom to help me to understand myself and see what I am capable of. I’m so thankful for that time with her!


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