The day after my mom left, we had a scheduled trip for Chicago. Andy had to go there for work and every time he goes there, he tells me how much I would love it. So we made plans to go this time around. We decided to take the boys with us as well because we had heard it was a good city to take kids to.


This particular plane ride was fun because the pilot was so friendly to the boys. He asked them if they wanted to come sit up in the cockpit after the plane had landed. For some reason, Nixon was really shy about it. Very unlike him. But Watson was thrilled. He jumped on that seat and got to work pushing buttons. The pilots were so sweet they even let him wear one of their hats. He was in heaven!

Little did he know that this would be a dream day for him! We rode on every dreamy form of transportation he could think of. We went straight from the plane to the train ( the L). It was in the process of getting to the train that I discovered how kind Chicago people are. I was carrying a bag that the strap was attached by buckles. My bag was so full of snacks, waters, plus all my personal stuff. I guess it got too full and the buckle came undone. My food went everywhere! Andy and the boys were about to get on the train and were a ways in front of me. I had to stop and pick it up. A guy behind me, immediately began helping me and then another person stopped to help. They were so kind and helpful. I was shocked! I have been to NYC many times and life is so fast paced there that people would most likely never even notice someone dropping things. I finished picking up my stuff and we got on the train.

The boys were thrilled to be experiencing this.

Not long after getting on the train, this interesting fella got on. He was missing many teeth and his fingers were filthy. He was clearly on some sort of drug as well. He sat directly across from us. He was talking on the phone and was talking EXTREMELY fast. The boys of course were looking at him trying to figure him out. I was curious what they were thinking. The guy then got off the phone, and noticed the boys. He immediately began talking to them. He was talking SO extremely fast that Watson lost interest in him very quickly. Nixon however kept trying to understand him. I would help him to understand what the guy was saying. The guy was very friendly just OFF THE WALL. Often times I couldn’t keep up with what he was saying.

Since I was trying to concentrate so hard on what the guy was saying, I didn’t notice that we seemed to be the center of attention on the train. When the guy got up to leave, He asked the boys for many high fives ( unfortunately, me not being naïve and possibly a bit judgmental, all I could think about were how dirty his hands were and that he was touching my kids hands) He got off the train and all I could think about was, “man, I wish I had some hand sanitizer!” Low and behold, I was not the only person thinking that. Ha Ha! A girl behind me, who was apparently interested in the whole thing said “Do you need some hand sanitizer?” I started laughing and said  “Wow! you knew exactly what I was thinking!” It was funny and sweet of her. We then talked with people on the train for the next bit about how impressed they were with Nixon being able to stay engaged. I was actually grateful for that experience. I like having my kids learn about things other than what they are used to.


We got off the train and got in a Taxi. That was really weird for the boys. They couldn’t believe they were in a car with no seatbelts.


The Hotel room

The hotel we stayed in was called The James and the hotel people were so friendly. They gave the boys bags full of crayons, water bottles, little coloring books etc.

I found this rather intriguing

Our lunch! Yum! Of course I can’t remember the name of the place.

That night Andy had to work so the boys and I went to explore. We of course found a Rainforest Café, so that’s where we went for dinner. They loved it!


The next morning Andy was back at work, so naturally we set out to explore the city some more. I went and asked the hotel concierge’s where we could find some yummy donuts. They pointed us to the most amazingly yummy place! Do-Rite Donuts. It was so good we went back again the next day with Andy.  My favorite flavor was the lemon pistachio. Mmmm… my mouth is just watering thinking about them.


After our delicious breakfast, the boys and I went around the city and did some shopping at The Disney Store and their MASSIVE Banana Republic. After that, we met up with Andy.

We decided to go on a bus tour so we could check out the city and know some history. Andy and I really liked it, the boys like it for about 15 minutes. Ha! While on the tour we stopped to see the famous Bean, saw many cool buildings and also went to the children’s park across from the Bean. The children’s park was one of my favorite parks I have ever been to!




That night we went to a random Mexican place for dinner. Definitely was my least favorite meal.

The next morning we got on the bus again and headed out to the Pier. It was quite cold and rainy that day, so we decided to go to the cool Children’s museum that was there





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