MRI Results and More Tests

October 8th had finally arrived. During that week of waiting, Andy, me and my mom all started to feel like the results were going to be clean. I started feeling peaceful, like maybe I wouldn’t get answers yet, but I was at least ruling things out. Before getting my results, I had to get an EEG. They wanted to look at the activity in my brain to see if I may of been having seizures. They hooked up all sorts of wires to my head,


Then laid me down, turned on music and told me to relax but not fall asleep. Then they did a few tests where they had to make me hyperventilate to see what my brain did. They did that by making you take quick breaths. It was nuts! My heart started pounding and I felt panic. Its crazy what your body can do. The test was about an hour long. They took my results from that and gave them to the doc. My mom had come with me and waited for me while I got the test done.


Andy met up with me after that to go in to get the results. We went into the room and I started to feel a bit nervous, but still felt some peace. The doctor came in (this time he wasn’t quite as rude). He sat down, opened his computer and said, “Now you don’t need a name for what’s going on with you right? You just want to feel better? Because your results were clean.” I felt my heart drop, I said “there was nothing on there? Nothing that would indicate MS?” He said “no, nothing. Your brain looked perfectly normal.” I was relieved to say the least! Yet, still confused! He then said, “The EEG results also showed normal brain activity.” I was of course happy to hear this news! I know it doesn’t always end up in the same results for many people and I am very sensitive to that.

I was happy to have one answer, but then felt like now what? I still have something wrong with me. The doctor clearly didn’t know what was going on with me. He felt like my symptoms were all over the place. He did however feel like he needed to put me on a medication to help the sparking of my nerves. Something was causing them irritation. I typically respond crazily to medication, so I wasn’t thrilled about that, but knew I needed to try it out. He scheduled a follow up apt with me and that was it.

So we left the room with one more test checked off the list and still questions to what was wrong with me. But relief, much relief.

We told my mom, Andy went back to work and later that day when I saw my babies. I hugged them a little tighter. I also told them that I was a robot and that I have special things in my head to get plugged in. This is them looking for those things. ( ha! clearly I had some leftover remnants from the wires). They thought it was pretty cool.

I started on the medication that next day….it KNOCKED me out! I felt like I was barely able to function. A few days later heart palpitations started, so they took me off that med and started me on a new one called Gabapentin. That one was much better.

My mom was supposed to be leaving a few days later, but felt like she would be needed while I got used to being on this medication. Any med that works with your brain can take time to get used to. So she stayed an extra week. I was grateful for that.

Although we had one answer, we knew this wasn’t the end. For all we knew, this was only the beginning.


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