Halloween! Definitely one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know if its because of the fabulous scary decorations, the fall festivals, the pumpkin carving or just plain old dressing up but I sure love it. It some ways I am grateful we lost sweet Lennon 2 days before Halloween, because I was able to get my mind off of it and have some joy. This year when Halloween was nearing, I was shocked that a year had already passed that we lost her. This has been a crazy year, full of many ups and downs. Every year before two of my favorite holidays we get to think of her. Before Halloween we think of saying goodbye to her. On Easter, we think of celebrating her. It’s actually kind of neat.

On a different, more Halloweenish note, I was really excited for Halloween this year. My kids are at good ages where they can finally appreciate all the scary fun instead of becoming afraid. While my mom was here, she helped me and the boys pick out some scary stuff to add to our Halloween décor. Then we went home and decorated. I can’t wait to keep adding to all the scariness.

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween! I always have! I feel like having children makes it even more fun for me. I’m lucky enough at this point in my life, that I have still been able to convince my kids to be creative costumes instead of the norm. I’m sure that will change one day, but until then, I’m gonna keep on trying to brainwash my kids.:)

This year, due to an idea from my friend last year, we decided to be Mexican Bandito’s and a Mexican bride. I loved dressing everyone (including myself) up for this one. Once I started looking into the Mexican culture, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the brides are. I wished I was a Mexican Bride back in the day. The detail on their dresses was amazing, not to mention the flowers…sooo dreamy!

We always have to do a bit of a photo shoot, because, well it’s so fun to have Halloween photos to decorate your house with every year! Nixon is becoming quite the little photographer, and took the pics of me. He did well.SONY DSCSONY DSC

Both the boys had Halloween parties at their school. I unfortunately only made it to Watson’s. I kinda have to trade on and off between the two of them. When we walked into the school that morning, the boys teachers reactions were my favorite! They very much appreciated their costumes. Watson’s teacher told me later she was taking pictures of him all day and went home and showed her family and friends. Ha ha!
  I stayed and watched him play games and ate lunch with him. We had fun together.


Every year, our church has a trunk or treat on Halloween night. I can’t say I didn’t wish it was on a different night, but we still go. Andy always comes home from work and we get straight to getting him ready. Nix of course took a pic of me getting Andy ready. Ha! My own personal photographer.



We had to quickly get ready and then rushed out the door starving! We stopped and grabbed food on the way and didn’t think anything would be more fitting then eating Mexican food. It made for some great pics too. Ha ha! It was too fun!


Nixon’s feelings on Nacho Cheese! Ha Ha!


All of our Mexican friends LOVED our costumes. Some of them even asked to take pictures with us.




After the trunk or treat, we went and met up with some friends and went trick or treating in their neighborhood. Nixon was on the go like crazy, so I didn’t get any pics of him, but O did get this darling pic from my friend of these two love birds eating their candy.


Farewell Halloween…Until next year.


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