EY Strategic Growth Forum

On Nov 12, 2015 My parents flew in to allow Andy and I to attend the Ernst and Young Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, California. This was basically Entrepreneur of the Year Nationals. We were going to find out if they would be moving on to EOY of the World.

My parents flew in and got straight to playing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH-Gr4TcHU4   The boys loved it.


Andy left a day before me and had already been attending different classes that EY had been holding for all the businesses. Here are some pics that the EY photographer caught of them talking and learning.

andy EYkemptonrobby

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got there.

Me and two other wives flew out together to meet our husbands. The event was held at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs California and was just beautiful.


When I met up with Andy, I found out a little more about what this EY Strategic Forum was all about. Basically, the forum is where they invite the most successful high-growth companies from all over the U.S. to come together and share their experiences and talk about future opportunities. It’s also a place to meet all sorts of people and to talk about your company and learn about other companies.

They had all sorts of successful speakers there. It was really quite interesting and to be honest, very inspiring. One of the speakers that we got the opportunity to listen to, was  Michael Strahan, Pro Football Hall of Famer and broadcaster.

He was so inspiring to me, that I found myself taking notes on what he had to say. He has recently come out with a book called, Wake Up Happy. I loved what he had to say about life and that what you put into it is what comes out of it. Very inspiring.

After listening to some of the speakers, Andy and I decided to head out of the hotel and do a little exploring. We hit up a couple malls and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Later that night we had a big dinner event scheduled and would have the opportunity to have a private concert put on by One Republic. We LOVE One Republic, so we were excited! While waiting for dinner, we walked around the hotel and enjoyed the beauty of it all.


Then it was time for dinner. We had BBQ and an amazing dessert bar. Walls of donuts, cakes, candies, anything you can imagine. It was AMAZING! After finding our assigned table, we were really bummed to see how far away from the stage it was. We were way in the back. But then we found out that we were allowed to get up right next to the stage if we wanted. So, we ate quickly and got to be front and center. It was a dream!

img_2135img_2138img_4792img_2139img_2142img_2141One Republic 5  Because we were so close to the stage, EY’s photographer captured us in a lot of different shots.

Including this one, where I either look serenaded or like I am going to fall asleep. Ha ha!

One Republic 6

One RepublicOne Republic 2One Republic 3One Republic 4EOY

I could have left this event that night and I would have felt like it was a dream come true. But we still had more fun to come the next day.

We woke up the next morning and instead of spending time in classes and seminars, we decided to hit the spa. Andy and I got a couples massage and got to hang out in some relaxing aroma steam rooms. It was quite relaxing.

That night we got ready for the Gala.


We had dinner first.



Afterwards we went in to another room, where Seth Meyers hosted the award show. We were lucky enough to get good seats for that as well. HE WAS HILARIOUS!!!!! I have not been a huge fan of his late night show, so I wasn’t sure I was going to get into his stand up. But he was witty and on fire from the very beginning.


When it came time to get to our category, we started to get a little anxious. They showed a little video clip of the people that were finalists in their category. Clarus showed up as a finalists. Out of all the thousands of people there, they were a finalist. It was really neat! .


Unfortunately they did not win this time, in the picture below, the guy on the far left won. But later we found out from the EY woman we work with that the debate was between them and the guy that won! So she’s hoping they may win next year. I guess we shall see.


After announcing the category winners, they then announced the over all winners who would go on to EY world.


These were the people who won, and to be honest, I’m not even quite sure what their business was. But congrats to them.

Afterwards there was a dance party that of course Andy and I had to jump in on.


When we got back to our room, there was an award in a box in there. The award was for being a finalist. We thought that was pretty neat, so we had to take a pic.


Ernst and Young certainly knows how to put on an event. We had such a good time and felt lucky to be able to be there and be a part of it all!

Before we left, we were lucky enough to meet up with my cousin that I had not seen in years. She didn’t live too far from where we were staying and drove there to eat breakfast with us that morning. It was really neat to see her. I was grateful she made that effort to come!


After talking with her and her cute family for a bit, we hit the airport and were off..back to reality. 😉



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