Thanksgiving in Seaside Florida

For Thanksgiving we have had a tradition for the last few years where we have hit the road and drove to San Antonio where we go to Sea World on Thanksgiving Day. The lines are typically shorter and the crowds much smaller. This year, I was feeling like I was over that. There are so many times you can watch Shamu before you start to feel bad for him. Ha! Not to mention, there are so many times you can eat nasty food on Thanksgiving before you start to REALLY miss  REAL Thanksgiving food. Anyway, this year three other families and us decided to hit the road for quite a while longer and head to Sunny Seaside Florida!

Before we took off to good o’l Florida, the boys had an adorable little Thanksgiving feast at their school.


Watson and his buddy Bridger

They didn’t exactly have Turkey and stuffing, but Chicken Nuggets and applesauce sufficed. It was darling to see all the kids dressed up as either Indian’s, Pilgrims, or Turkey’s.

After all the school festivities were over, it was GO time. I was not excited for the 15 hr. drive ahead, but was looking forward to the end result.

We left Tuesday night and travelled with one of the other couples. We drove to Mississippi and stayed the night.

The next morning, we woke up, explored a little. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t realize Mississippi was so run down. I pictured something completely different. This was a pretty building there though.



We went and saw the Mississippi River, played at a little park for a bit and then got back on the road.


Travelling during the day had it’s perks. Some of which were the scenery. It really was a pretty drive.


After a long day of driving, we finally got to the house we were staying in. It was beautiful. I of course didn’t get a picture of it from the outside and only got 2 random pics of the inside.

The master
Our room

There was a balcony off the master, three floors, a nice kitchen and it was just a 3 minute walk to the beach. It was awesome!

We got there too late that night to really go to the beach, but we hit it up the next day.

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and headed out to the beach! I can’t think of a better way to spend your Thanksgiving morning.


The sand was amazingly white and squeaked when you walk through it. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was dreamy.


We played for a few hours then went back to the house to get prepped for Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone had different assignments for dinner and we were all in the kitchen together just like a normal Thanksgiving. It was fun. Some of our more festive friends brought a bunch of décor and the tables looked amazing!


Naturally after eating Thanksgiving dinner, we had a dance party. Ha!

The next morning, we woke up and decided to go explore the darling little town. We rented a golf cart and went and explored.


I was absolutely smitten by the darling little town. I felt like I was in a movie. (There’s reason for that, the Truman Show was filmed there) 🙂

After exploring the town for a bit, we went and ate lunch. They have a bunch of food trucks in the town and all sorts of places to eat.


Unfortunately we chose the wrong place to eat. All our friends went to the food trucks and said they were amazing. Our food was NASTY!

After eating, we went back to beach.


The Boys
The Girls
The Kiss ( plus Andy being a perv ha!)
The Group, Webb’s, Airhart’s, Philipp’s, McPhee’s


It was perfect! I want to go back!

That night when heading back to the house, Andy found a freakishly cool white crab.


The boys sleeping that night! They are the craziest sleepers!

The next morning Andy took the boys for donuts while I got ready.

After all the kids woke up. They are watching a show.



After that, the girls took the golf cart and went shopping, while the guys stayed back with the kids.

When we got back, Andy took all the kiddos for a ride.


We explored a little more and that evening hit the beach again. We got some family pics for our Christmas card as well.


After the beach, we went and ate at a pizza place and then our family took off to drive a few hours to Louisiana to get a head start on our drive back home.

We LOVED Seaside! It truly was the best place to spend Thanksgiving! We hope to go back again someday!


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