New Orleans

On our trek back home from Seaside, we stopped and stayed the night in Louisiana. We woke up the next morning and went to explore New Orleans. I had never been there before and wanted to check it out.

New Orleans is a rather peculiar city. I really loved the artistic side of it. There were people all over the streets performing and playing music. It was pretty cool to see. I really loved the history and the architecture. The buildings were so old. The city was not only neat to see, but the cemeteries were what boggled my mind the most. All the graves are above ground. It was wild.


Love the detail

We of course had to stop at Café Du Monde and eat the famous beignets. MMMMM… they were so powder sugary. I liked them!

Famous beignets

Beka iPhone (8714)



After that we explored some of the stores a bit, went back to our car where we had a stinking parking ticket! Then we were back on the road again.


It was a beautiful drive home and we were happy to make it home safe and sound.


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