New York-2015

Good o’l NYC. Every year Clarus makes a trip out to NYC where they do their planning meeting for the year. The wives typically go along side and shop while the guys work and then we all get together in the evening. Its the perfect kick off for the Christmas season and it always gets me really in the mood for the holidays.

We typically leave super early in the morning on Friday and then come back Sunday evening. This year we did things a little different. It was a shorter trip. But we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

Andy’s parents flew in to watch our boys which we were very grateful for and the boys were super excited. Andy and I flew out two days later on Friday. Instead of leaving at the crack of dawn, we took our time and left around 10:00 am. It was a much better night sleep than I usually get the night before. We got in around 1:30 and went to our hotel, got situated and then headed out for dinner. After dinner we went to a show. The show was hilarious. It was called A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.  There was one actor playing many different parts and it was nuts. The guy was quite talented.


Beka iPhone (8848)Beka iPhone (8849)


After the show we walked around for a bit and then caught the subway to a dessert place called Max Brenner. It is amazing!



Beka iPhone (8852)
Andy’s PB, Chocolate crepe

After our crazy high caloric desserts, we all decided to walk back to our hotel. We needed to burn the calories.

Beka iPhone (8853)
Grand Central Station

The next morning we got up and went to my favorite little boot shop. We brought some of our friends with us as well.  I try and get boots there every year because they have fun ones. After that we went and explored the Brooklyn Bridge. After all the many trips we have had to NYC, Andy had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was fun to go with him!

Beka iPhone (8854)Beka iPhone (8857)Beka iPhone (8856)



That night, we got the opportunity to go see Jim Gaffigan at Madison Square Garden. The show was quite possibly the funniest thing I had ever seen! I literally thought I might need to get on an oxygen tank because I was barely breathing in between laughs. THAT MAN IS FUNNY! Out of all the shows I have been to in NYC, I think his took the cake.

IMG_5273IMG_5272Beka iPhone (8858)

Beka iPhone (8860)

Because we just didn’t get enough of Max Brenner the night before, we went back after the show and ate some more! WHA?? We SO shouldn’t have, because we were all sick after that. I guess we can’t eat like we used to back in the day.



The next morning we caught our plane and headed back home. It was another successful year in NYC and we loved it!


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