A possible diagnoses

After being on the medicine for a little while, I decided I still wasn’t feeling the way I should be and to continue testing to find out what was causing the problems. I decided to move to my neck next. I have had pain and stiffness in my neck for years. The only this I have known about it, is that it is straight instead of curved. Which can create a major problem for people. A normal neck looks like the picture on the left. My neck looks like the picture on the right. The neck needs to be curved to act like a slinky between your skull and shoulders, when it is straight all the impact from walking is put on your discs.

I went and had an MRI done of my neck. This time, it was a MUCH BETTER MRI. Since I only needed to look at my neck, I was allowed to use an MRI machine that is used for us claustrophobic folks. It was much larger and it didn’t phase me one bit! SO much better than the last time!

This time around, I was able to get my results much quicker. I went in to see the neurologist and they told me they found a few issues that I was hoping were my answers!

These were my results.

#1. Talks of my straight neck with an added hemangioma (benign tumor) which I never knew existed. Supposedly those can be common and occur when your little and your bones turn from cartilage to bones. They don’t always cause problems, but can, and people at times have to get them removed.

#2. Buldging disc, these occur when a weakened or deteriorated disc bulges through a crevice in the spine.

Neural foraminal narrowing, also known as foraminal stenosis is a condition that results when the spinal nerve roots are compressed. These nerve roots run through small openings at every level of the spinal column, called foramina. (internet)

#3.Bulging annulus. The annulus is the exterior of the disc. Mine is bulging, which sometimes is a precursor to a disc herniation.

#4. Another bulging disc

So to put it clearly, I have three bulging discs in my neck. One of which is compressing the nerve and then a benign tumor.

Getting this news was in many ways a relief for me. They decided to keep me on the medication I was on for the time being ( which made me gain 8 pounds in a couple weeks) and add physical therapy.

This diagnoses happened in November. I did physical therapy twice a week up until January. I was never perfectly cured, but I did start to see improvement. Of course insurance started over in January, so the physical therapy became really expensive and I stopped.

I have not been completely convinced this my diagnoses, but I believe it’s a MAJOR contributor.


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