Christmas was quiet this year. But we enjoyed having that time together as a family. I absolutely love the joy children bring on Christmas Day. It’s just so much fun watching all the magic. I of course didn’t take many pics on this day either.

The boys woke up and of course were so excited to see all the fun. Growing up, our tradition was that we had to eat breakfast before opening presents. This eventually turned into us waking up super early and making breakfast for our parents. It’s one of my favorite traditions because it was fun to wake up early, look at our presents and make some breakfast. I felt like it made the moment last longer. My brother Matt would probably say the opposite since he threw up every year from choking down his breakfast too fast. Ha!

I have tried to keep that tradition alive. we at german pancakes and then moved on to the gifts.

Beka iPhone (8913)Beka iPhone (8914)Beka iPhone (8915)Beka iPhone (8917)Beka iPhone (8920)Beka iPhone (8922)

Beka iPhone (8923)

After all the craziness was over, I felt exhausted and had a bad migraine. So, I went to sleep. It was quite a warm Christmas, which bummed me out, but the boys had a ball swimming in the hot tub.


Beka iPhone (8927)
One of Watson’s favorite gifts was his build a bear dog. We went and filled it the day after Christmas. I am now officially¬†converted to build a bear. Such a fun place.

Beka iPhone (8936)


We had a good quiet Christmas this year.. until next year Christmas.


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