Cowboys and Mavericks

2015 was quite the year of fun events. Many of them were put on by Ernst and Young. On December 19th, we got to do another fun event with Ernst and Young and that was go to a Cowboys game. I had never been there before to watch a game. Just to tour it. Another added treat was that we got to watch the game from a suite. It was pretty great. We got delicious food and got to watch the game. It was a ball.

Beka iPhone (8868)Beka iPhone (8869)Beka iPhone (8874)Beka iPhone (8875)Beka iPhone (8876)

A few weeks later on January 2, 2016 we were able to go to a Maverick’s basketball game. It was kinds nice that we got to do this, because our anniversary was on December 28th and Andy was sick. So we used this as our anniversary date. We went out for sushi before that and then went to the game. We were treated to these tickets by a guy who wanted Clarus to buy a building from them.  He had courtside tickets. It was crazy to see how MASSIVE those guys are. The whole time I was praying they didn’t fall on me and send me to the hospital. HA!

Beka iPhone (8955)Beka iPhone (8959)Beka iPhone (8962)

Beka iPhone (8963)
A picture my brother found. We are under his legs. Ha!

It was quite a surreal experience being right in the game like this. We felt lucky to be there.


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