The weeks following our news, I started getting sick. I was exhausted and felt like I could barely function. But I tried hard to get out every day..It helped. So far, I had been off the meds for a while and my dizziness wasn’t returning, and neither were the pins and needles or shaking in my sleep. I was hopeful that I would feel ok as far as all that stuff goes. I still had bad headaches, but I could handle that.

On February 4th 2016, IMG_4079IMG_4096IMG_4099IMG_4102IMG_4106We got the opportunity to go with Andy’s company bank to a rodeo in Fort Worth. We have lived in Texas almost 7 years and have never been. I was actually really excited. I thought the boys would love it.

The tickets were going to be in a suite. I had never been to a suite at a rodeo before, so I didn’t know what that meant. I am allergic to horses and well most animals, but I figured we’d be behind glass so I would be good. Turns out the suite is front row and the place is in doors.

We were enjoying all the action so much and I think Watson found his future job. He was in heaven. When they started bringing out the horses I started to feel a tickle in my throat, then the sneezing started and my eyes started watering. I thought I’d be ok, but then I started coughing. We stayed as long as I possibly could, about an hour and then I couldn’t breathe anymore. We had to go. I was so bummed. The boys still really enjoyed it! Especially Watson!

They tried cotton candy for the first time as well. Nixon was all about it! Watson was beyond confused on how that stuff could be edible. Ha ha! It was fun to watch their reactions.

We had a good time, but next time I will take an allergy pill!!



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