Telling the Boys

When I went to my OB apt on Feb. 4th, 2016 I was 8 weeks. I got an ultrasound and all was looking good. My doc said I was due Sept 15th, but since I am on blood thinners will be taken for c-section 1  1/2 to 2 weeks early. She wanted me to come back like normal in four weeks and told me that starting at 16 weeks I would be having an ultrasound every visit after that. I’m higher risk later in pregnancy than I am in early pregnancy, so she said she would like to be able to look in on things along the way.

I went in for my 12 week and all was sounding good. We were going to be going to Utah the next week march 11th,2016 and flying when you have a blood clotting disorder, can be a little nerve racking. You are at higher risk of developing a clot when you are in the air. I feel very strongly that, that was the way we lost Lennon. I had flown to Utah just before we lost her.

My doc wanted me to come in the day before the flight just to listen in to make sure all was sounding well. In March 10th, 2016 I went in to get the heart checked. My nurse came out a little frantic and said, “we kind of have a little emergency with another person in the office. Dr. Allen won’t be able to see you today. Just go in and listen on ultrasound.” I went into the ultrasound room, only expecting to listen to the heart, but the girl couldn’t resist taking a peak at the baby. Ha! I was so happy about that!

FullSizeRender (13)FullSizeRender (14)FullSizeRender (15)

She gave me these pics. I had never seen an ultrasound of any of my baby’s at 13 weeks so it was fun to see. All looked well and since I had these pics, I felt like that night would be a good opportunity to tell the boys.

Andy came home from work a little early and we sat the boys down. The both of them LOVE babies and have wanted to have one for a long time. They mentioned praying to have one a few times to me.

I was nervous to tell them, because of the fear of maybe losing another baby. But I was mostly excited!

We chatted about it and they were excited. Ever since they have been thrilled. I am getting daily kisses on my belly and constant prayers. It has been so sweet to watch them.

Beka iPhone (9150)Beka iPhone (9141)


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