Valentines! My second favorite holiday for taking pictures. Easter is my first. This year I was not on the ball at all but, I tried to take a few.

One day the boys and I made some valentine hearts. Watson thoroughly enjoyed doing it and everyday for a couple weeks brought this heart to me in the morning. It was the sweetest thing.

Beka iPhone (9038)Beka iPhone (9058)Beka iPhone (9060)Beka iPhone (9061)Beka iPhone (9063)Beka iPhone (9064)Beka iPhone (9068)Beka iPhone (9072)Beka iPhone (9073)

Both boys had valentines breakfast at their school.  Watson’s was on Thursday Feb. 11th and Nixon’s was on Friday the 12th. Nixon’s had a lot more sugar than Watson’s and he threw up that night all over my bed, ugh! I should have known better to let him eat so much junk. Luckily it was just the one time and he was completely fine the next day. So Andy and I went out on Sat night. We first went to dinner and then went to our church’s valentines dance. We danced our little hearts out!

Beka iPhone (9075)


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