Easter came a little too early for me this year. I don’t know why, but it always throws me off when Easter is in March. It was less than a week after we returned home from Utah, I hadn’t taken Easter pics before Utah and the weather wasn’t the greatest in the days leading up to Easter, so.. I didn’t get any Easter pics really. Nor did I get any cute Easter outfits. Oh well, some years you are prepared and some you aren’t.

The boys both had egg hunts at their school, which somehow I only got pictures of Watson’s.

Beka iPhone (9362)Beka iPhone (9363)Beka iPhone (9367)

We had a bit of a busy Sat and ran a bunch of errands. I also wasn’t feeling very well, so we didn’t do much that day for Easter prep. We did buy a ham, some stuff for resurrection rolls and I had a few little decorations I had bought beforehand. So we were at least prepared for our meals.

That night we dyed eggs, which we always have fun doing and the boys were excited for the Easter bunny to come.

Beka iPhone (9387)

That night before going to bed, Watson very giddy whispers to me, “OOOH I JUST AM SO EXCITED FOR THE EASTER BUNNY TO COME!” I love when they start to catch on to the magic.

The next morning the boys came to see that the Easter Bunny had in fact arrived. I’ve never been big on candy, so we tried to keep it to a minimum. I had to get a little at least, because out of all holiday candy, Easter candy is by far my favorite!

Beka iPhone (9391)

The boys got to work and went egg hunting.

Beka iPhone (9393)

Beka iPhone (9394)

Then they counted them..their favorite part.

Beka iPhone (9397)

Beka iPhone (9398)

After the hunt, we decided to make resurrections rolls for breakfast. I had never made them before, and I have to say not only are they tasty, they are really very cool and symbolic. It was a fun way to help the boys understand the Jewish process of burying the dead and that Christ arose from the dead after 3 days. Definitely a tradition we will be doing from now on. It brought the spirit of Christ into our home and made Easter not seem so Easter Bunny-ish and more about Christ.

Beka iPhone (9401)Beka iPhone (9403)Beka iPhone (9404)

Beka iPhone (9406)
Believe it or not, a marshmallow was inside this before. It is now the tomb.

After that Watson did a little serenading. Ha!

Beka iPhone (9409)


Later we went to church and enjoyed the lessons we learned that day. When we got home, I still hadn’t taken any pics and the weather was a bit gloomy. So this is what I had to work with.

Processed with MOLDIV

Oh Boy!


Later we decided to get together with our friends the McPhee’s and the Webb’s and had an Easter feast. It was delicious!

Beka iPhone (9418)Beka iPhone (9420)Beka iPhone (9421)

The next morning, Watson and I went to Kroger to get a few things and he was given this cool balloon for free. It was a nice way to end the Easter season.

Beka iPhone (9425)


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