Utah-Telling the Family

On March 11th,2016 we flew off to Utah for Andy’s mom’s surprise 60th birthday party.

Beka iPhone (9157)
What they did on the plane
Beka iPhone (9161)
What I did on the plane

Beka iPhone (9158)Beka iPhone (9159)

Beka iPhone (9163)

At this point not many people knew we were pregnant. We decided since we had already told the boys, we would go ahead and tell everyone else.

Andy’s parents came and picked us up from the airport. From there we headed to Kneaders to get some lunch. The whole time we were in the car, Andy and I kept whispering to Nixon to tell Nana and Papa that we were going to have a baby. For some reason, he was SUPER embarrassed to say something. So he didn’t say anything.

Then we got to Kneaders and Andy finally convinced him to say something. I was talking to Andy’s parents when out of nowhere, Nixon says, “Nana and Papa, my mom is going to have a baby!” Both of them got excited looks on their faces and looked to me for confirmation. I nodded and they both gave me a hug and said congratulations! Of course the typical questions came next and we talked and were excited together.

That night there were many plans in store for Colleen’s (Andy’s Mom) birthday. There was a surprise dinner at The Olive Garden planned for her. There many of her friends and family would be. It was going to be fun. Somehow I think she caught on to most of them. Andy and Mark ( his dad) took off to go to a meeting they needed to go to and I went shopping with the boys and Colleen. While shopping we spotted the Easter Bunny and Watson was finally brave enough to say hello to him. Nixon on the other hand still wanted nothing to do with that “creepy” bunny.

Beka iPhone (9171)

The plan was for Colleen to think that she would be going out to dinner that night with some of their good friends and Mark. While she was talking to me in the car, she mentions all of the family going to dinner that night. I said hmmm, I think you are going with your friends and Mark. We have plans to go to Becky’s ( Andy’s sister). It totally threw me off and I was hoping that she believed me.

Later we headed to the Olive Garden with Andy’s sister Becky. She was mentioning in the car that she felt like Colleen caught on to everything. She then said, “since there are no surprises for her, I was hoping you and Andy would come with news that you are pregnant!” I just laughed! and we got out of the car and went inside. Colleen had many friends and people that loved her there. Andy’s sister Jana, created a perfect slideshow and all was planned well.

When Colleen got there she had tears in her eyes ( although I think she still knew) and was so grateful for all of those that came to support her. We had dinner and Andy, me and Craig his brother, stood and said something special about her. Along with some of her friends.

Mark talked to me beforehand about announcing to everyone there that I was pregnant. I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to feel like I was stealing her thunder. So while I was speaking, I didn’t mention it. After everyone was finished talking, Mark stood to say a few words and announced our news.

Everyone was shocked and happy for us, especially Becky who had just mentioned something right before. It was pretty great.IMG_0010IMG_0013IMG_0019

The next morning we packed up to head to the Philipp’s cabin in Fairview Utah. Our boys had never been there, and it would be their second time sledding and snowmobiling. We had an absolute blast. Nixon was obsessed with sledding and Watson was obsessed with riding the snowmobiles. The day was beautiful and there was a good amount of snow. We couldn’t of asked for a better day to go.


IMG_0001 (1)
Nana and Papa with all the grandkids



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Beka iPhone (9182)
What you look like after racing up a hill in high altitude against your brothers
Beka iPhone (9188)
The brothers

Beka iPhone (9190)Beka iPhone (9198)Beka iPhone (9201)


Beka iPhone (9183)

Beka iPhone (9194)

Beka iPhone (9211)

After having fun in the snow all day, we were hungry, cold and exhausted. So we left and went to eat. After dinner, we were only in the car a few minutes before the boys were out cold. It was a blast.

Beka iPhone (9214)

The next morning we went to church with Mark and Colleen and also decided to announce to my family that we were pregnant. This was how we did it.

Beka iPhone (9218)

that evening had a family birthday party for Colleen. All the grandkids put their handprints and wrote their names on a canvas for her. This was them giving it to her.

Beka iPhone (9222)

Whenever we go to Utah, there is a lot going on and my boys get exhausted. By 7:00, Watson came to sit next to me and he was out.

Beka iPhone (9226)
My belly would get large by the end of the night

Monday morning Andy had more meetings with his Dad and some Clarus work he had to do, so I stayed at the Philipp’s and let the kids play. Apparently drawing marker all over yourself is Watson’s idea of playing.

Beka iPhone (9230)

Andy came back and met up with us. Since Utah is where all of our family lives, they all still have to work during the day. So we decided to go play together as a family. We went to BYU to show the boys Dad’s school and while there, we decided to go bowling. The boys thought that was pretty cool.

Beka iPhone (9234)

Beka iPhone (9238)

Afterwards we went to dinner and then met up with my parents to go to the bean museum in provo.

Beka iPhone (9241)

The bean museum is an animal museum I used to go to all the time when I was little. It has changed A LOT and really is a very cool museum. The boys thought it was amazing.

Beka iPhone (9247)

Beka iPhone (9249)
Watson being like the bear

The next day, we needed to run some errands and pick up a couple gifts. So we went to Target..cuz it’s the best. Before going shopping, we decided we were starving and didn’t know what to eat. Andy and I were discussing it and low and behold..CHUCK A RAMA! Neither of us had been in years. Andy thought it would be fun to take the boys, so we did. Surprisingly, the food was good and the boys loved the fact that it was a buffet and had so much to choose from. They both ate all of their food too. It was amazing!

Beka iPhone (9256)
Watson’s face says it all. Ha!

Afterward shopping, we decided to go see a movie and met up with my parents. Since Andy works so much, it was fun to have him around to do fun things with..so we thought. Ha! As soon as the movie started, his phone rang with an important call and he missed much of the movie. It was a good try though right?

Beka iPhone (9266)


We saw Zootopia. It wasn’t my favorite for kids as young as mine. A lot of language I didn’t love. But it was still cute.

Right after the movie we went straight to Café Rio where we met up with Andy’s family. We ate dinner and then headed over to Classic Skating for skating and bounce houses.

Beka iPhone (9272)

The kids were having so much fun with their cousins. They were all over the place, so this was the only pic I got. 🙂

Leaving that night was rough. The kids were EXHAUSTED. They get very burnt out when we go to Utah because we go from activity to activity. There were a lot of tears and tantrums that night… luckily they fell asleep quickly in the car!

The next morning we woke up and were off to our next adventure. The Curiosity museum with the boys twinner cousins. We had never been to that museum before and it was one of the best children’s museums I have been to. There was all sorts to do there.

IMG_5151 (1)Beka iPhone (9275)Beka iPhone (9277)Beka iPhone (9280)Beka iPhone (9281)

Afterwards we went o lunch at Potbelly’s and then later met up with some of Andy’s friends for dinner. It was good to see all of them. It had been a while. The boys loved meeting all of their kids and had fun playing with them.

After dinner we met up with the guys in Andy’s family and Colleen and went to the BYU basketball game.

Beka iPhone (9282)Beka iPhone (9287)

Beka iPhone (9283)
Watson was loving it! As was I, although I was exhausted.
Beka iPhone (9285)
Nasty Oreo Churro

Unfortunately since we live so far away, we don’t get the privilege of going to the BYU games much. We always watch them from the TV. The boys LOVED being there in person. Watson was thoroughly enjoying the clapping and cheering and Nixon loved the competitive part. It was a good game that BYU ended up winning. Nixon was more then thrilled about the win and woke up the next morning saying, “Mom, I still can’t believe BYU won last night! Every time we watch them on tv at home..they lose!” Ha ha! I couldn’t help but laugh.

After the game we were driving home and Andy and I started talking about the possibility of him going snowboarding the next day. He had been debating going all day. He felt like he should only go if at least one of the boys would come with him. He kept trying to convince Nixon throughout the day, but Nix kept saying he didn’t want to. While we were talking about it in the car, Watson over heard us and said “I want to go skiing!” I guess we hadn’t thought of asking him since he was so young. Andy turned to him and said “really?” Then he turned to Nix and said “If Watts goes, will you go?” Nixon then said, in a not so excited voice “yes, 😦 If Watson goes I will too”. Andy was thrilled and immediately started texting all his brothers and sisters, except Jana because she was pregnant. It was a last minute invite, but lucky for him, he was able to get two out of three of his brothers to come and one out of two of his sisters! And a bonus 3 cousins. That was a shocker! He was excited.

The next morning they took off to the slopes. I said to Andy multiple times to bring back my children in one piece! I couldn’t help but be nervous. But seeing all their pictures, made me a little jealous I couldn’t be there. They were having a ball.



After all the fear that Nixon had going into it, he LOVED it and said that was his favorite day on the trip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADcTOouhTCs  Skiing was a little more tricky for Watson, but he was a trooper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycgPvjZt6c4Beka iPhone (9290)Beka iPhone (9291)Beka iPhone (9292)Beka iPhone (9298)Beka iPhone (9304)Beka iPhone (9293)Beka iPhone (9301)Beka iPhone (9299)Beka iPhone (9295)Beka iPhone (9306)Beka iPhone (9308)Beka iPhone (9309)

The crew was skiing for a while and directly after they got home we went to dinner with my family. My parents, brother and sister and her kids.

Beka iPhone (9316)
Good o’l Texas Roadhouse


Afterwards we went back to my parents and hung out.

The next morning was Friday and we hung out at the Philipp’s for a bit and then met up with my family for lunch at Thanksgiving Pointe. The food was really good.

After that we went over to the dinosaur museum and played.

Beka iPhone (9318)

Beka iPhone (9319)
Dino fight

Beka iPhone (9320)


We watched an IMAX there as well and it was SO BORING. HA HA HA! Don’t fall into the trap. It was about life under the sea. I think at one point, all but Nixon and Lauren were asleep.

Beka iPhone (9323)

After that we went to my parents to eat spaghetti and cookies and ice cream. That night I was so exhausted, I could barely speak. All the hustle and bustle on top of being pregnant was getting to me.

On Saturday morning, Colleen held a baby shower for our cousin at her house. Andy took the boys to an Easter egg hunt with my parents while I hung out at the shower.

Beka iPhone (9324)

After that, we met back up with my family at a park and played. The weather was nice and it was good to be outside. It had been so cold previous days.

Beka iPhone (9328)

We played there for a while and then went out for Pizza for dinner. We were all too tired to do much after that, so we went home and went to bed.

On Sunday we hung out at the house most of the morning while everyone was at the dedication of the Provo Temple. Just before Andy’s parents went, we had a little Easter egg hunt with them. The boys got money in some of their eggs and that was quite a surprise for them.

Beka iPhone (9332)Beka iPhone (9335)Beka iPhone (9342)Beka iPhone (9344)

Later we went to Salt Lake City to eat dinner with my cousin and her family. There she found out I was pregnant and we found out she was pregnant with TWINS! So crazy and so exciting!

We ate a delicious homemade dinner that I have craved ever since. Ha! We also ate homemade pie..Also craving.

The boys had fun with their cousins and we did too.

Beka iPhone (9346)Beka iPhone (9345)Beka iPhone (9348)

On Monday we headed back home. We were all funned out and ready for a nap. 🙂


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