20 week scan- Gender reveal

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On April 26th, 2016 We went in to get my 20 week scan. With both the boys, I barely thought twice about the fact that the 20 week scan is meant for finding out the health of the baby. I always thought of it as the day you find out the sex. This time around, my biggest concern was seeing if our baby was healthy and thriving.

We did however decide to take the boys with us to find out. Big mistake! They were bored out of their minds. Ha! If I could do it over, I would have told them in a more fun way.

I watched closely as the tech took measurements, I asked her questions about the brain and the heart, the face and the spine. I needed to see that all was well. The baby was moving so much that it was difficult to get some of the measurements, But she was successful. The baby was 9 oz at this point and as far as I could tell all was looking good.

After taking all the measurements and checking on things, she moved to the “goods” Andy, Watson and I all felt like it was a girl. Nixon was the lone ranger in thinking it was a boy. She gets to the legs and says.. well there you go.

Beka iPhone (9571)

I said ” what does that mean?” She said “girl!” I should have known because with the boys it was VERY CLEAR what they were. Ha! We were SO excited! All of us! Finding out the gender always makes things a little more real. She gave us a few profile pics and the gender reveal pic and we went in to meet the doc.

FullSizeRender (16)

The doc told us that all looked good for the most part. There was a calcium spot on her heart that they said is very common and back in the day they wouldn’t even tell people about it. She said it really is nothing to worry about, we just feel all people have the right to know what we see. She said they would need to check on it again in 4 weeks to make sure that is has disappeared. Other than that things were looking good.

I was happy to hear that and just keep praying the spot will disappear.

After the apt. Andy went back to work and I took the boys to go pick out some clothes for their little sister. They were so excited and loved finding things for her!


Nixon insisted on getting her “golden” shoes and Watson chose the newborn outfit. Holy Moly! So SURREAL. I am excited and terrified at the same time. I only know the boy thing. having boys has been a real joy for me. I get nervous to put a girl in the mix. But she is going to have three boys that just adore her. I’m almost jealous of her. 😉 I feel so utterly grateful that she is still with us. The boys pray nightly for her. Watson prays that she wont be scared and that she’s healthy. Nixon prays that she will come to earth.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if she and her sister Lennon are up in heaven talking about what she should expect on earth. I so hope we get to meet her! She will definitely be welcomed with open arms. Now if only we could come up with a name.

This is the announcement we sent out that night.

We found out what we are having and we are..

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