A worried Mom

Nixon: Back in February, Nixon started pulling at his right ear a lot and telling me it was plugged. I tried to look in his ear with a light and it looked terribly dark. It looked to me like his entire ear was full of wax. He has had wax problems in the past and when he was two, the doctor blew his eardrum trying to irrigate his ear. I was concerned we may have another issue with that. I took him to the Target clinic and they told me the ear was completely compacted and to go see an ENT.

So, I did. The ENT had all sorts of special tools. He looked in his ear, and told me the wax was in a tricky spot. Right near the ear drum and that he was going to try and get it out. I don’t know much about these types of things. But I now know, I should have told the doctor NO! I have been told since that the wax should be completely soft before trying to remove it. He failed to say that to me. I had even mentioned to him that Nixon’s ear drum had ruptured in the past and that he is now very traumatized when it comes to his ears. It is a BATTLE to get him to go to the doctor. He also refuses to tell me most often if his ears are hurting because he doesn’t want to get them checked.

The doctor seemed to know what he was doing, so he proceeded to pick up a skinny tool that looked like a sucker tool at the dentist. He put his microscope up close to Nixon’s ear and stuck the loud tool in his ear.

Beka iPhone (9124)

Nixon was so brave and stayed completely still. Then I noticed a change in his face and he began to scream bloody murder.  He said “OWE! OWE! OWE! THAT HURTS!!” He then starts crying hysterically. This is not a typical thing for Nixon considering the fact that he HATES going to the doctor so  much. Most often he is in pain and pretends that he isn’t.

The doctor looked at me and said the wax was really hard and I couldn’t get it out. I pulled it away from the eardrum, but you may want to take him home and put some drops on it to soften it up and then bring him back. ( WHY COULD HE OF NOT SAID THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?) Nixon proceeded to cry and the doc said, he’s not in pain ( although Nix claimed the opposite) he probably feels some pressure. ( Nixon knows the difference). I took him home and I have never seen a more  emotional Nixon. He was constantly teary and couldn’t even ask for a snack without crying.

I gave him some medicine and he was able to sleep that night. The next morning while we were eating breakfast, I looked over at Nixon and gasped. He said “what?” I said “oh nothing, I thought I saw a bug.” Instead, I saw this.

Beka iPhone (9127)

Not exactly the most calming sight to see. I didn’t want to make him panic, so I told him he had some wax coming out of his ear and that I was going to wipe it off and put a cotton ball in his ear. Unfortunately for me, this is not the first time I have seen this poor boys ears ooze blood. The first time was when he ruptured his ear. I was SO MAD at that doctor. This was EXACTLY what I was trying to avoid by going to an ENT.

I called the doctors office a few times that day and finally got the doctor himself. I explained what I saw. He starts to say things like “maybe he had an ear infection behind the wax.” and “The wax wasn’t even close to the eardrum, so it wouldn’t be ruptured.” Hmm, he showed me a pic the day before of the exact location of the wax and told me how close the wax was to the eardrum. After talking to him a bit, we end with him saying “if the ear is bleeding, most likely the eardrum ruprtured “A LITTLE” Oh boy! He wanted me to give him some antibiotic drops and come back and see him in a week.

A week later we went back. Had no success in getting the wax out because Nixon was terrified of the man and wouldn’t let him touch him. The doc then told me he wasn’t concerned about the wax (then why did he try to take it out?) and to bring him back in a month.

Fast forward a month and we are in Utah. I start seeing Nixon move his neck like it is really sore. I thought maybe he had pulled something sledding. He of course wouldn’t tell me it hurt and said he was just stretching it.

After returning from Utah, he kept doing the same thing. I then touched his neck and felt about four lumps in it. They were all sore. UGH! I was concerned, but tried to not think too much into it.

Watson: The next evening, I saw Watson tugging on his ears. I asked him if his ears were hurting him. He said they felt plugged. WHAT THE? I went to feel his ear and felt a large lump in front of his ear. I got really concerned.

That night I was feeling Nixon’s neck before bed and Watson’s lump and my boys had me worried sick. While singing them to sleep that night I started sobbing. I was so worried about them!

I took them both to see our nurse practitioner the next day. She felt all around Nixon’s body for any other lumps and felt nothing. So she said to watch them and make sure they don’t grow or turn red. She thought they were lymph nodes most likely flaring up because of the ear drum.

When they looked at Watson. She seemed a little more concerned. His lump was larger and in an interesting spot. She also checked him for other lumps but didn’t find anything. She then looked in his ear and found an infection in the ear next to the lump. She thought they were probably related, but left the room to ask the doc. She came back to tell me it was probably a lymph node and to watch it as well. I went home feeling a little bit better.

2 weeks later, Nixon was crying about a lot of pain he was having in his ear. We had no way of knowing what was going on in the ear, cuz we couldn’t see in. We took him to the doctor again and they decided to put him on an antibiotic for a most likely ear infection and then thy referred us to a pediatric ENT. Which we ended up going to a different one that our friend helped us get into.

A week later we went to the ENT to finally get his wax out. I had been softening the wax the whole week in hopes that it would be soft. While there, I noticed Watson’s bump was turning red. I had the ENT look at it and she said she thought it was a salivary gland and of course to watch it.

After that, it was time for Nixon to get the wax out. The doctor was very nice and tried everything in her power to get him to allow her to put a tool in his ear, but he wouldn’t have it.

Beka iPhone (9512)


She then said to him, “I’m sorry buddy, but we have to get it out, either you have to allow me, or we have to wrap you in a blanket and hold you down, or you have to have anesthesia (surgery). Which one would you like to do. He refused all of them with many bribes, so we had to resort to the blanket and holding him down.

Ugh! I was not looking forward to this, but I knew it had to happen. She brought in two nurses. They held him, put a blanket down, turned him on his side and wrapped him. He was screaming and looking at me saying “MOMMY HELP!” It was an awful sight for me. This time I honestly couldn’t help him. We all held him down, she put drops in his ear,  started singing the ABC’s and within seconds he was calm and the wax was OUT! It was a relief! She looked at his eardrum which was still bruised but was looking good. Nixon was so happy and because it was successful and didn’t hurt, he was not traumatized. OH BOY! what a relief that was.

A few days later,  Watson’s bump was looking worse. It had been a little red and now was darker. I took him to the doctor AGAIN. The doc looked at it and said, the same thing. Watch for fever within the next 24 hrs. If nothing, then come back and see me in 2 weeks if it’s still there. The pic on the left is what it looked like.

1 1/2 weeks later it was darker and looked larger. By now I was really worried and Andy was even starting to worry ( rare for him). We took him in and at that point they said ok, it’s time for an ultrasound (the pic on the right was that day).

Processed with MOLDIV

That was on a Monday. They ordered the ultrasound and I was hoping to have it done by the next day. Andy and I were flying out to a funeral that Sat. and I wanted to know his results before hand so I didn’t have to worry the whole time. Well after the paperwork never getting into the ultrasound clinic properly, setting up an apt just so they could cancel the next day because Watson was under 6, we finally got in for an ultrasound on Friday. At this point the bump was so dark, it looked bruised.

I was anxious and ready to know what was going on. We went in for the ultrasound and Watson was a bit nervous. He didn’t want them to touch him at first, but got over it quickly.IMG_5309

It was a quick process and then the tech told me I could most likely get my results that day. I just needed to call my docs office around noon.

I did that and around 5:00 the doctor returned my call with the news. She told me that he had a cyst. She said that can be a common area for a cyst but that we would need to see a plastic surgeon to find out if it needed to be removed or not. She said it is red because there is inflammation around it and that he would be put on an antibiotic for that.

Well that was a relief! At this point, Nixon’s neck and ear are doing better. Watson’s bump has not changed since starting the antibiotic, but I am hopeful. I’m ready to be worry free.. at least for a few weeks.:)

I am grateful for all the many prayers said in both of my boys behalves. I feel so much strength through prayer and sometimes that strength is much needed!



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