Clarus at the Rangers

On April 29th, we had a company party at the Rangers game. Earlier that day, the boys and I went to see The Jungle Book at one of those cool theaters that you can eat a meal and watch a movie. The chairs also completely recline which is also a plus. The movie had some jump out scary parts, but we all loved it.


After the movie was over, we were walking out and passed by a little set up photo booth. The photo booth was free. (a dream come true for this family) We love photo booths, so we couldn’t help but stop and take a picture..ok, many, many pictures. It was too much fun and the theater was empty.

This picture of Watson was my favorite.. Ha! Ha! I can’t help but laugh at it when I look at those little eyes.

That night we headed over to the Rangers game. Dony Dawson, is Clarus’ photographer and he is in this picture with his family. He does an excellent job and he was the one who took all of these pictures.

The night started off with a ceremony where Jeremy said few words.





Then Andy got up and did what they call a boot ceremony for their warehouse workers that have worked for the company for a certain amount of time. They give them good quality boots for them to wear while at work in the warehouse.

Boot ceremony



Then they announced employee of the month and so on.



After the ceremony we had dinner in a large two story suite.

Then went out to watch the game. Where everyone had a ball.

Unfortunately for me, Watson fell asleep on Andy’s shoulder while in the middle of dinner. He handed him over to me and that kid was OUT. I didn’t get to watch any of the game and then we had to bail early because we had a flight to catch for a funeral the next morning. Nixon was WAAAY BUMMED we had to leave. It was definitely my favorite company party so far. We loved it! GO RANGERS!


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