Perfect Examples

Finding the right words to explain my feelings about this sweet family is going to be difficult. They are just perfect.. at least perfect examples of what as close to perfect people can get.

On April 30th 2016, Andy and I flew out to Arizona to attend the funeral of this sweet, near perfectly faithful Father, Jake Robertson. He had been battling brain cancer for the last two years and he unfortuanatley lost his battle on April 23rd, 2016.

Andy’s family grew up with Jordan’s (the mother) family and their families are dear friends. This situation was painful for everyone to bear as it was so close to home.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know this family as much as I would have liked to face to face, but I have grown to love them dearly as I have read Jordan’s blog throughout this process. I can easily say she is amazing at expressing her feelings and through reading them, I felt so close to them.

They were the type of people that you wish you could be like. So strong and faithful, so loving and kind and their relationship was what true love should be like. If you ever are in need of a reason to be grateful, more faithful, or simply just to know what this family has had to face, please read her blog. It’s amazing!

Jake’s funeral was different then any funeral I have ever been to. Most funerals are full of a peace that the person lived a long life and it was their time to go. It was so difficult to feel that way in this situation. All I could feel was pain. Watching Jordan and her sweet family walk in behind his casket; filled me full of sorrow. His young sweet girls in tears knowing this was goodbye for now. I hated that they had to go through that!

With that being said, it was a beautiful service paying respect to him. Jordan even spoke, which I found to be most amazing. She was so strong, and her words were very touching.

After the funeral we were able to go to a luncheon at the church with all the family. It was nice to see and talk to everyone. I couldn’t believe how incredibly faithful everyone was. I know there is so much comfort in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so blessed to be able to have the knowledge that families will be together forever. I can’t say that makes anything easier while here on the earth. You still have to grieve and go through pain that is really difficult to bear, you still have to rebuild your life and get used to the new norm, you still have to comfort your children, worry about bills, life and responsibilities. There is absolutely NOTHING that is easy about that! NOTHING! But one thing the gospel can bring, is just a little bit of comfort, a little bit of warmth and a little bit of hope that you will be together again someday. I am grateful for at least that little bit.

I pray that Jordan and her family get the comfort and support that they need at such a difficult time!

Andy and I flew out that morning, went to the funeral and flew back home that night. It was a short trip, but I was grateful we were able to be there and support such wonderful people.


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