School Events

The end of the school year is always a busy time. The first couple weeks of May were full of Field Days, Un-birthday’s, field trips and teacher appreciation. I only took a few pics of each, so I am combining them all.

Both Boys had a Field Day where their class got to make T-shirts. It was fun to see what the classes came up with.



Summer birthday’s always miss out on the action during the school year. I was happy to hear Nixon’s teachers wanted to do an un-birthday day for him.We brought popsicles for the class and they sang to Nix.


Teacher Appreciation week. This always stresses me out! People these days go all out for everything and I never know what to do for these sweet teachers. So I went in on gifts with other people. The teachers got many of their favorite things along with pedicures and gift cards.


Next we went on a field trip with Nixon’s class to the Zoo. The boys loved it.


Nixon also had his school graduation. I got hardly any pics. As soon as the graduation was over, they were in a hurry to get their caps and gowns off for some reason, so I didn’t get much. Was kinda bummed. But, as far as what I have seen, it seems these graduations are happening for many grades. Ha! So I’m sure he’ll have another next year.

This boy is gonna be in Kindergarten for 7 hrs. a day. SO long! He’ll do great though!



The school made cookies of each class member

At the graduation, Nixon’s teacher’s shared a recipe for a caring classroom. It was absolutely darling. I just have to share. Of course Nixon’s part in the recipe was his ability to keep everyone on track… He is obsessed with accuracy. Ha!


School ended after that. The boys were both given the cutest books of their amazing work. I will forever cherish those books! Saying goodbye to their teachers was hard and very sweet. It was sad to know next year we won’t be seeing our pal Bridger. He is one of the boys best friends and he will be starting Kindergarten next year at a different school. Watson will be returning to this school. So I’m glad we won’t be saying goodbye.


Unfortunately we were only able to get a pic with one of Nixon’s teachers. But luckily we have some of them together in his book


Processed with MOLDIV
Judging by where his ear hits, he gained a couple of inches. šŸ™‚
Processed with MOLDIV
Nix just looks old šŸ˜¦

Goodbye school work, goodbye structure, hello sunshine and summer!



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