Mothers Day

As I have said before, and I will easily say again, Mothers Day is my most cherished holiday. I love when I get to hear a little bit about how my kids feel about me as their mom. I also love how sweet my husband is with allowing me to have the day off. I’m grateful he does that for me. I of course am also grateful for Mothers Day because it reminds me of the amazing mothers in my life. I’m grateful for all of them! Their examples, their advice, their personalities. Everything!

Of course the morning started out with breakfast made by Andy and the boys. It’s always so sweet when they do that. Yummy too. Then we went to church and had an amazing lesson and brunch at church. I love it when they do stuff like that.

We came home and relaxed. The boys gave me these sweet cards that they made at school. These cards are the best! They always crack me up. Andy gave me some comfy clothes since everything is uncomfortable right now.


Andy was so good to me and let me take a long nap. This pregnancy, I have been SO exhausted. While I was asleep, he made brownies and pound cake for our dessert later. When I woke up, he made dinner which was chicken kabobs, strawberry salad and bread. YUM!


After dinner, he so kindly did the dishes (which he does that often anyway)


and then we all made chocolate/PB fondue together.


It was delicious! My Mothers Day was perfect! Cant wait for this little one to join the club!

21 weeks

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