Until We Meet Again

Unfortunately within just a few weeks time, I found myself at yet another funeral. This time it was for my aunt Beverly, who is my dads oldest sister. Bev had been visiting with my parents at her home just minutes before they got the call that she had fallen and hit her head. This recently had been something that was occurring more often then anyone would have liked, but typically Bev would overcome her fall and recover. This time the fall was just too much damage to her brain. At one point they thought she was going to overcome it. She was talking and telling my mom that she loved her. My parents, especially my mom, had been there for Bev a lot throughout her later years and they had a special relationship. It was a tough pill to swallow when I got the news that she had passed.

Oddly, when we first found out we were pregnant, I told Andy I wanted to fly as little as possible this pregnancy. Flying puts you at higher risk for clots and that’s quite frankly how I feel we lost Lennon. With that being said, I have tried with all my might to be faithful and believe that this baby to come is what God has wanted for us. So, I didn’t hesitate much when it came down to whether or not I would be at the funerals I have been to.

A few years back, I missed my sweet Grandmama’s funeral. The circumstances that were given to us at the time, made it hard to make it there and I have regretted not being there everyday since. I feel like my perspective has changed since then in a lot of ways. Life is so short and so important that we can’t let memories and precious moments pass us by. I know things can’t always work out the way you want them to, (and they didn’t at that time) but I will sure try my hardest to never have those sort of regrets again. Making memories and celebrating the lives of those we love is something I will always to try do.

With all that being said, I went to my lovely aunts funeral and I am so grateful I did. I went alone and it was a quick trip. But I got to learn things about her, that I never knew, I got to be there to support my family, and best of all I got to be there with family members I hadn’t seen in YEARS. So many people came to celebrate Bev and it was a wonderful sight to see.

Here are some precious moments that were caught on that day. Most of those moments caught by my talented sister Liz.



My amazing aunts comforting one another
My most dreaded pics are pregnancy pics, but I had to put this one up of me and my siblings

Bev’s kids
My Dad and his sisters

Bev’s son in law and grandson

My cousin and his darling little girl


Beverly, I hope that you have found peace, comfort and joy as you are with those that have loved you; that have passed on as well. Love you. Until we meet again…


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