Austin- Memorial Day weekend

Just before Memorial Day weekend, we had some friends The Rincon’s invite us out to their vacation home in Austin. The house was beautiful and has many acres to play on. They had four wheelers for the kids, a swimming pool, basketball court, a playground, a creek etc. It was a dream place for the boys. The trip was a short one. We drove up Friday and left Saturday night to be back for church, but it was a ball.

On Friday, the boys swam, went four wheeling and explored. They slept in a bunk room with a bunch of kids. When I say they, I mean Nixon. Watson was a bit overwhelmed with all the kids. They went to bed late and after they were in bed, the adults stayed up late talking. It was a lot of fun.

The next morning, we took our boat out. We went to Lake Travis which was a beautiful lake. Austin was just beautiful in general. We were out on the boat all day, then came back ate dinner, got ready for bed and hit the road to go back home. It was definitely a quick trip, but we really enjoyed it

Their beautiful house


Watson getting the boat all ready for the next morning


Beka (2)
The beautiful view
We had quite the boat full


What Andy is going to have to learn one day
Nix going out on the knee board for the first time. Robby and John taught him perfectly.


Andy always helping the littles get comfortable
All the 5 1/2-6 yr olds



There is always at least one kid that falls asleep
Farewell Austin! We’ll be back!


24 weeks

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