Cyst update

Watson’s cyst has been a process that has taken far longer than I ever imagined. It took 6 weeks to even discover what it was after repeatedly going to doctors. We found out what it was in April, got him on antibiotics and contacted a plastic surgeon. We couldn’t get into the plastic surgeon until June. Once we got him in to see the plastic surgeon, the doctor looked at him and immediately told us we were at the wrong place and needed to see a plastic surgeon ENT. HOLY MOLY.  Luckily the plastic surgeon was a great guy and got us in t o see an ENT the very next week. At this point the cyst was definitely getting larger and darker in color.

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The progression

I had been emotional about the whole thing and was eager to meet with the ENT. When we got to the office (which was located at Cook’s Children’s Hospital) We were waiting for the doctor for an hour. The office must have been very busy. We were all restless and wanted to leave. The doctor then came in, took a few looks at his cyst, talked to me about the history of it, asked me questions and then came to the conclusion that he would need surgery.

She said these types of cysts can occur from many different things. TB, a CAT SCRATCH, could be born with it and an ear infection causes it to inflame, or something else (possibly more serious). She said either way, the cyst would need to come out. Because of the location of the cyst ( possibly in a salivary gland next to major nerves) they would have to make a larger incision to make sure they get it all andwould also need to locate major facial nerves so they wouldn’t touch them and make him lose feeling in his face. She said the incision would be done much like a facelift, accept because his is further in on the cheek they would have to go further in.

This pic gives an idea of what they would do for the procedure


Doing the procedure like this has a large chance of the skin in between the cyst and the ear dying. Therefore they would have to pull on his face to sew it back up, and it would look like he had a facelift on one side of his face. She said he would be in the hospital for two days and would have a tube in his face for drainage. Just like this pic and then they would take it out. I then left the office with a surgery scheduled for July 22nd.

Taking in all of this information was way too much for this prego mama to take on. I called Andy and immediately lost it. I somewhat expected surgery to be the only option, but I had no idea it would be so intense.  I have so much anxiety naturally and the thought of this type of trauma has completely broken my heart. I tried to get my mind off of it, and went into the children’s area of the hospital. Without having any idea what events were going on at the time, we stumbled upon an event that was barely starting and the boys were the first children in there. Conor Daly, the racecar driver was there signing hats and giving things away. We took a picture with him, and then we spotted none other than Clarus glassboards that were there for the kids to draw on. It was pretty neat for the boys to see those there.

Beka (73)Beka (71)

Beka (74)
The signed hats

After this we went and ate at the hospital eatery. By this time I had forgotten a little bit about everything and then we got in the car and my uneasiness came back. I cried all the way home and then continued to cry on and off throughout the day. I then received these beautiful flowers from my sweet friend with a note that said I’m sorry to hear about Watson, I wish there was more I could do. That was such a sweet gesture and a good pick me up. I truly have such amazing people in my life!

Beka (83)


Later through the help of some friends advice. I decided to get a second opinion. I had a friend recommend a plastic surgeon ENT to me that is considered one of the best in the area. I contacted his office and was able to get in.

When he looked at the cyst, he said he would definitely need surgery. He said ” I don’t care if you use me, but you just need to get it removed.” He then told me that these type of cysts don’t go away and that they stay inflamed. He also said it was important that we find out what has caused it. With that being said, he said he would do the surgery differently. He explained his concern about the skin dying and that he would hate to distort such a handsome face. That’s exactly how I felt. He said he may have to do more than one incision, but that he has done surgery on this type of cyst more than anyone in the area. He also mentioned the scar will be red for a good year and that we will have to put sunscreen on it everyday. 😦

Although it’s still not what I wanted to hear, I have felt better about the second option and have been glad I went and got a second opinion. We are still waiting on the date of surgery, but it will probably be around the same time  we had it scheduled before. Until then, I have to watch Watson closely and make sure he doesn’t bump the cyst or cause it to rupture or become more inflamed. UGH! That’s a bit hard to do with my little wrestler.

I have still been worried sick over it. Every time I think about them cutting his sweet face, it makes me cry. I worry about the scar and if he’ll get teased. You just never want your children to face heart ache! It’s just not right. But I am hoping he will become stronger because of this. I am just praying good will come from it.

can’t help but love this cute face

One thought on “Cyst update

  1. Matt Ostler July 11, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    Beka, I’m sure Watson will be okay. I know it’s concerning and you’re a good mother for it but I’m confident that he will be as handsome as ever when the surgery is over. Prayers continue on your family’s behalf.
    Love you


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