This year my birthday was a little bit different than most birthday’s. It landed on a SUNDAY! Ugh! When you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Sunday is not the day you want your birthday on!

We believe in keeping the Sabbath Day holy, which means our Sundays are a day of rest. We don’t go out, we don’t buy things, we don’t work, we rest. SOOOOO, when you have a Sunday birthday, you basically celebrate it on Saturday.

The benefit to that is, you kinda have two days of celebrating. Ha! On Sat. the plan was for me to go and have some “me” time. I went and got a facial, which was nice and then went out and ran errands that I have been wanting to run for a while (just don’t like to with the kiddos). Andy took the boys boating with some friends.

The plan was for us to go out that night. Andy had planned dinner and a movie. After they got home from boating, I was basically all ready to go and was giving Watson a hug and he felt warm. I took his temperature and sure enough, he had a low grade fever.

I don’t like to mess around with sickness, so I called and cancelled our babysitter. I was way bummed, but it’s a part of being a mom. So, instead of a movie and dinner. I went grocery shopping, ran some more errands, got pizza, put the kids to bed and watched Netflix. Ha! But hey I was lucky enough to catch this amazing sunset while running errands.

Beka iPhone (344)

Oh and after a couple of hours, Watson’s fever was completely gone. We figured he was just dehydrated. Ugh! Oh well, I’ll take that over him actually being sick.

That night I was up all night feeling super nauseous (the morning sickness has returned in this last trimester). The next morning  (on my actual birthday) Andy and the boys came to give me breakfast in bed, unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well enough to eat right away, but I was able to eat some of it and it was perfect!

I also opened my present which was a Nikon D7200. I was super excited! I love taking pictures and this is a way for me to get better quality pics.

Beka iPhone (346)

After breakfast and presents, we headed off to church, after church I had a meeting and then came home. There was a meal planned for that day, but when I grabbed to meat out of the fridge, it had expired. HAHA! So we got creative and Andy made grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry salad. It was actually very yummy and I was grateful.

Beka iPhone (345)

My friend Melissa also stopped by and brought me this adorable gift!

Beka iPhone (347)

I was obsessed! We had been putting up the baby’s nursery, and this went perfectly in the room!

We ended the night as usual. Kids to bed and Netflix and it was great!

I’ve gotta say birthday’s are a big deal to me. I love making them a big deal for my kids, Andy and anyone that’s close by, but as you become an adult, birthday’s just kinda change. You just got to be grateful for life and that you are still living. 🙂

Given the circumstances, I am always so grateful for the efforts that Andy puts in for me. He’s such a good hubby!


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