Celebrating the 4th

As I have said before, the 4th of July is easily a favorite holiday for the Philipp’s! It was one that we both have great memories of growing up in Utah. Utah has some pretty awesome events for the 4th. A huge parade, a balloon festival, and the Stadium of Fire, which is so stinking cool. This year they had Tim McGraw there and they always have amazing fireworks. I feel like everyone I know in the state of Utah went to it this year. Wish we would have been there.

With that being said, we have formed our own fun traditions here in Texas. The past two years, we went boating and watch fireworks on the Lake. This year, I just wasn’t up for the crowds, so we decided to do things a little differently.

We went boating on sat July 2nd, so we could still get our boating in. That was a lot of fun and we went to a new lake. It’s called Lake Ray Roberts. This lake is man made and so far it’s my favorite Texas lake. It was so clean and just beautiful.


We had a boat full..of mostly kids! Ha!
These three were having the time of their lives
Until this one fell off. He was not happy about it. 🙂
The older boys cruisin
The things you can accomplish when the tube is going very..very slow


Andy is always in on all the fun. He loves to help get the kids comfortable with the water, boat, toys, whatever.
But once you’re comfortable, you better watch out! Ha!
Andy helping some of the younger kiddos feel comfortable


I think it worked
Our little wedgie friend cheering them on

DSC_0257-1DSC_0246 On Monday the 4th, we started out our morning with our ward (church) breakfast. They typically do this every year. Last year they didn’t and we were able to go to the parade. This year we had to choose between the two and the boys chose the breakfast. They had a bike parade and the boys were really excited about that.

My two little men with all the ladies. (more boys showed up later)


Oh boy! This pic shows me what my future will look like.


After the breakfast and bike parade, we went back to the house to get ready for the BBQ and swimming we were hosting. (it’s tradition).


We did that for a couple of hours and then everyone had their individual plans for the night. We didn’t want to go and join the massive crowds for the fireworks, so we decided to do our own fireworks in our neighborhood for the first time. We had glow sticks, glowy toys that flew in the air etc.  We also brought our fire pit out front and made s’mores. It was super hot outside, but it was a lot of fun! The boys loved it.

Watson had a really hard time getting these things to pop. Ha ha!







Andy always saving our toys


Just taking advantage of his freedom. 😉


Waiting for fireworks


perfectly melted chocolate

After all this action, we threw our glowy sticks in the pool and had a glow in the dark swim. It was much needed from all the heat. It was quite the eventful day and we loved it.


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