Vail for the boys, Texas for me

Every summer Andy’s family makes an effort to get together for a family vacation. They have done this every year for many years. I love this tradition and have every intention of doing the same thing with my own family. This year the choice was to go to Vail, Colorado. Typically the Philipp’s have done hot, beach type places in the past, which we all love. But this year Vail. It was something new and I was looking forward to seeing it’s beauty. This trip had been planned out since January and we thought for sure I’d be able to be there. Even when I learned I was pregnant, and that I’d be 32 weeks pregnant at that point, I still thought I’d be fine to go.

Fast forward 6 months. I was at my 30 week check up. My doc looked at me and all looked fine. She said the baby was growing and I was on track for everything. I then, asked her, just to make sure it was no big deal, if she thought my trip to Vail in two weeks would be fine. Unfortunately what came out of her mouth next, was not something I expected.

She said,” Vail is at a very high altitude. Your body is used to a lower altitude. You are on blood thinners and have a higher risk for preeclampsia and blood clots, not to mention your oxygen levels would be lower. I don’t know how your body would react so late in pregnancy at such a high altitude. I’m sorry but I don’t believe it would be at yours or your baby’s best interest for you to go.” WHAT?! I was seriously really surprised. I hadn’t thought of all that, not to mention I just really didn’t think it’d be a problem to go. I was immediately bummed. I HATE BEING LEFT OUT! Ha ha! I in no way was going to hold Andy and the boys back, but was so sad I would have to stay home alone and miss out on all the fun.

Later that night, Andy and I discussed things and we both decided it would be in our best interest to listen to my doc and for me to stay back. With that being said, I did not want to be alone. We thought about the possibility of having someone come stay with me. My brother Matt came to our minds. We weren’t sure he’d be able to make it with his job, but figured we’d ask.

Matt is easily one of those people that will do anything for his family. He is very willing to be there for you. So I asked him and he didn’t even hesitate. He got things figured out with work, although he made some sacrifices with that (which I really appreciated) and the next thing you know it, we had booked his flight.

I was very grateful for his willingness to come and keep me company.

Andy and the boys left early Saturday July 16th. I took them to the airport and had much anxiety of being away from them all. I struggle with so many fears when my family is separated from me. They were going to be flying to Denver and then making a two hour drive to Vail. I get worried that something will happen to them and I will be left alone. Yuck! I hate the way my mind works sometimes.

They left, Andy kept me posted and before you know it, they were safely in Vail.

Plane ride there

Back at the ranch…..


Andy keeping me updated

Sunday in Colorado

Sunday in Texas


My sister in law Amanda, helping a brotha out at the farmers market
A darling cape Watson and Dad picked out for baby sis

What they did on Monday


a car full of cuties
a nice ride up to some cool caves

I’m guessing there was some pretty great scenery here


A stinking amazing ride that I have every intention to go on one day

What we did on Monday. Not shown is a whole bunch of errands, getting Nixon registered for kindergarten and shopping  for Andy’s birthday.

And you bet, this picture is true. ON OUR WAY to dinner, Matt asked to stop at QT, when he came out he had two corn dogs that he dipped in cheese and ate, while again, ON OUR WAY to dinner…..CRAY CRAY! We went to dinner at Taco’s and Avocado’s. P.S. The boys love snap chat, that’s why I sent a lot of snap chat pics to them.


Nixon holding his new baby cousin Harrison



What they did on Tuesday

Watson loved the train



What we did on Tuesday…I had an ultrasound that morning,  Matt swam.

then we went for mani’s and Pedi’s ( every good brother does this with his sister ;))


My mani was awful!


I introduced Matt to Buccees, the best convenience store on earth. He was impressed!



Matt got a bit of a snooze in ( included snoring with it), he was exhausted from all the hard work we had been doing. 😉

And oddly, we also had pizza for dinner. Only ours was homemade and not as LARGE


Wednesday in Colorado,

They went to Denver and went to a cool candy shop that made amazing candy canes and suckers
A Rockies game




Then they were odd to the airport to come back home

At home, we took it easy. Swam, got our trampoline fully put together for the boys to come back to and went to dinner at La Madeleine.

That night the they got home and it was good to have them home again!

On Thursday, the next morning, the boys were very excited to have Matt at our house.


They went swimming with him for most of the morning and then I needed to take Watson in for his pre-op apt. Nix stayed with Matt and swam while Watson and I were gone forever.

Watson fell asleep on the way to the doctors office and stayed asleep on my lap while we waited for 2 HOURS! Then when they called me back, I waited another 30 minutes and he still stayed asleep. He was exhausted.



The minute we got out to the car he woke up happy.


That night, we made some din din at home and then went out for some DQ afterward. The boys had never been there before. Nixon was not impressed at all with his Dilly Bar.



Watson on the other hand loved his!

Friday, we went swimming that morning at our neighborhood pools. And then to dinner at a our favorite Thai place that night. The next day was Andy’s birthday which will be a whole other post. 🙂

Nice hand placement Nix!




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